September 23rd, 2005

Cowgirl G

I Must Tell the Tale....

It's done, all we can do for a while is sit and wait.
But I was 'roused.

'Roused by a moment that happened just after I entered LOVEJOYS
and sat down to my cup of locally roasted joe, this afternoon.

(Only in TEXAS.)
On Earth, as it is in Austin...
This really happened, happened just like thisCollapse )
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    The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure, The Magnetic Fields

Cunning New Plan....

Going to hit the HILTON on Tuesday after I return from my Brother's Graduation.
elitistbill and eastland will both be in Town, and one of them
can drop me off in a CAR...looking rather more suitable than Thelonious would
leave me.

Plus, Friday is never a good day to go in looking for work at a restaurant.
Would make me look green.

*strums fingers restlessly*

And who the HELL left all that Monopolowa in my freezer???

::eye-balls gev and eastland::

You KNOW I can reach that high, now!!!


You've no IDEA the internet mischief I got up to last night...
All that pent up NOT-DRINKING-DOWN-TOWN made for quite
the uncorking once I got back to Fountainhead.

I think the only person I did NOT send a revelatory e-mail to,
was my FATHER.... and that's simply because that is already SO
wildly overdone in my historical repertoire 'O shameful moments.

Looking forward to seeing the responses, from here to L.A.

*head in hands*

And the editing, and the locking and unlocking of journal entries...

*bangs head on desk*

i sent a copy of the health inspector post to Chip.

*bites fist*

Marshall is going to kill me, isn't he.
I was proud of him!

Well.....that's the last of the Birthday Vodka.

I don't think I'll be replacing it too soon.