September 18th, 2005


The Healing Power of Pizza & Pepsi!

I sat on the phone tonight
with a Best Friend.

For hours.
And hours.

He made me laugh,

He got me to eat something solid...
by ordering me a pizza--all the way
from North Carolina.

We sat and watched FOX cartoons

I don't know how many hours
we were on the phone.

Sometimes we talked,
sometimes we just sat watching the same
episode of Family Guy.

But I knew he was there.

When I got off the phone...
I felt better.

I just stepped out of the bath,
I am clean and smooth and I can breathe.

I don't feel achy.
I don't feel feverish.
I feel better, finally.

I am going to put on my boots,
and go for a long ride
under the Moon,
on my birthday present.

I named the new bike.


His name is Thelonious.
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    The KKK Took My Baby Away, The Ramones