September 8th, 2005


I'm Home.

I have an ice cold Lonestar in one hand, and a smoke in the other.



I am exhausted.
Thank-you Annie, so very much, for the lift back to Fountainhead.
These walls that seemed like they were closing in on my ten days ago--
are a warm hug tonight.

That was an AMAZING journey.

I learned more in the last week and a half
than I have all year.

My Kin and I are thicker than we have ever been.

I feel whole and strong and full of energy to share.

Tomorrow will be long, but pleasant.
Baking and prep work, cleaning and reorganising....

Everybody ready to have a CELEBRATE LIFE Party???
This Saturday isn't about my Birthday.

Lolliejean put it best--It is time to take a break from the horror
for a few moments...and enjoy each other.

Come join Me, won't You?

There is so much work to be done, there will be for a very very very
long time. Locals looking for direction can keep an eye on snaxxxs
journal--she has been who I have watched when able and will be contacting
for GO orders here in Austin.

But for a few moments, lets relax and eat and drink and tell stories and laugh.
Let's have a PARTY!!!!

My Place, starting at 7 PM on Saturday the 10th of September....
I'll be the little brunette 35 year old fussing around the table!
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