August 25th, 2005


Walked to the Corner Store for smokes....

You know, ' cause they close at midnight.

Victory Drive is being torn up.
Sidewalks re-ramped and the street re-surfaced.

I bought my smokes after I passed by the Lion Fountain in front of the Doc-N-a-box.

I walked back, and sat in the garden that the Lion Fountain lives in.

I put my hand under the water that comes out of his mouth.
I splashed some on my face, it's still hot at night here.

The big machine that cleans or smoothes the street--ran round and round.
Well lit with an arrow on back that pointed right.

I sat on the bench there, and listened to the silence between sweeps.
And the water.

Hibiscus bloom here.
And Hydrangea.

(I looked for 'Hibiscus' to explain it to you, and found something that made me
tremble. Hydrangea grew around my GrandMother's House. Hibiscus grew around
mine. Hibiscus)

I pulled my knees up, and looked at the trees.
I told them I thought they looked about my age.

I slipped off my shoes.

I sat quietly.

Tossed a couple of rocks in the water,
made wishes.

A tree let go a leaf.
I watched it fall.
It fell slowly.

I pushed it around with my toe.

Stupid little bare toe.
I laughed at the Doc-N-the-Box-Building

I nodded to the fountain Lion, and put my shoes back on.

Shook it off.........and walked Home.
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Sliced my stupid left THUMB open....

Hacking at bok choy at O' darkthirty in the morning.
For noodles.

Ceramic I guess it won't blacken?

The noodles were fabulous by the way. Pile of sunflower sprouts, a little ginger
(heh) splash of sesame oil, a slivered orange serrano pepper, and the greens
from a bok choy leaf and the cruntchy bits sliced thin (did I say a little ginger?)
And an egg cracked over it all before the boiling noodles got poured on.
(Cooks while the veggies blanch--Ramen can rock, don't tell your mother!)

Thumb wrapped up in a corner of paper towel and two wounds of scotch tape.

Stoopid Ginger.

I don't even own a band-aid right now.


::shrugs and looks at her thumb::

At least I eat well.
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