August 24th, 2005


The Grasshopper Mouse!

Imagine a "coyote in a mouse’s clothing," and you have a grasshopper mouse. These diminutive hunters are rodents by heritage but carnivores by habit, and they are among our most fascinating nongame mammals. Adults are reddish tan above and white below. Juveniles and the elderly (perhaps over 4 years old) are gray. These are stocky mice, only about 6 inches long but often weighing over 1 ½ ounces (that is, normal mouse length but twice mouse weight).

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I looked for a photo of a Grasshopper Mouse SECONDS after I learned of it's
existence. I found several. But this was my favourite:

(i heart pbs and google)

My new HERO is the Grasshopper Mouse.
I want to be just like my new Hero.
(A tail is more fun than a cape.)

I am already small and dense.

Now I must learn to be fierce!

(and being a bit less-like-a-grasshopper would help too)

Whoever can whip up the best LJ Icon from the above picture,
wins one of my last two Psycho-Baby KNACK 107.5 stickers.

(That's her gold, people. Her treasure.)

((They are wildly rare, but rarely wildly special to anyone outside Austin.
Maybe you'll do it out of love anyway...
Money only means what it does because we all agree.))



::Snarls and enjoys her tail::
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