August 21st, 2005



Have had my head in a book all day...jumped out of my skin when the phone rang,
it was the Gals, inviting me over for SUSHI NITE!

I looked at the clock and was shocked to see it was already 5 PM.

Took me a few moments to really return to this which time I thanked
my Annie for calling, but I really wanted to get this finished and return it tomorrow
while I was Down Town job hunting. And frankly, that I was just really enjoying sitting
around for hours and hours reading again, it had been a long time.
(Hurray New Glasses--it doesn't ACHE anymore!)

She allowed as how staying home on a Sunday night and finishing a good book
sounded like a lovely way to spend the evening as well, and we said our good-byes.

But after getting off the phone and looking around my little room, I thought a walk and
some human contact might be nice too. So I packed my SXSX canvas shopping
bag with book and smokes and slipped my SHUFFLE (yes, Chas, I mention it often so
you know how much I use and appreciate it) around my neck. Off to Central Market
to sit on the patio and drink iced tea, chat with my all my Friends who work there,
and read for a few hours before restocking my sadly BAREN cupboards
with fresh veggies and fruit and soy-milk and rice on.

I made it down the stairs and out into the parking lot.
And froze.

It must be well over a 100 degrees out there. Too much. The walk would be misery,
and once there I would be drippy-sticky and feel like passing out. If only there were
a few patches of GREEN between me and my destination--it would not be so wildly
unbearable. But it is a series of parking lots divided by a freeway. ALL of which have
been graciously soaking up and radiating back the Austin summer sun all day.


So I'm back up here in my little dark cool room...waiting for the sun to go down.
And praying for what passes for "Fall" in Texas...

My little Norwegian ass loves this Town, but I was not built to survive it.
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The News.

I wasn't listening.

I looked over and pulled out my ear-buds.

We lost The Bitter End today.


I was taping, for sunday night cartoons....I'm playing it all back now.

The building was 130 years sprinklers.

It was too hot for me to walk to the store.
People were fighting a fire in that.

I was pissed the other day when I saw their advertisement.
They were touting themselves as the oldest Brewery in Austin.
Oldest ONLY because Waterloo Brewing Company
was driven out of business. Couldn't afford the rent, for a Town
coming into a new 'Age'.


Damn it.
I liked that place.
I--I have a shirt?

*head in hands*

I've known the head brewer since '95.

They were there for the Beer Renaissance
in the mid-'90s

When the new law was passed........
And Texas could BREW-PUB again.

Made way for the smaller places...Lovejoys included.

And the building...the building alone.

It hurts in places
I can't reach.

It just BURNS.
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