August 5th, 2005


Tim Pipe is an Icon of Down Town Austin....

He's been a Friend of mine since Halloween of 1994.
I saw him from the front door of Lovejoys, playing pool.
He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, a Las Vegas embossed visor...
and mirrored cop shades--with a cigarette holder in his mouth.

I screamed HUNTER!!!! from across the room, to a stranger.
He looked up from his shot, grinned across the room, bit down on his holder
and nodded.

Later would tell me I was one of 3 people who had recognised him.


Always been proud of that.

Pipe has not only been our roving photographer, selling shots to the masses
on weekends in the Churches I attend (bars) but a bit of a soothsayer. He has
a way of capturing the SOUL of whomever he photographs.

(shout out to the LOCALS--Bet YOU don't have a picture of HIM!)

He has an old School Bus that serves as his GALLERY, and his more professional
pieces can be viewed and even purchased in glossy frames from it. I love that
School Bus......I love his BLACK CAT photos even more. One day I will own one.

I have literally DOZENS of photographs taken by him over the last decade...

all stuck into his signature little white frame/card with his ink-stamp on the inside:
(stamp pic of him in his Jimmie Olson get up)
BY TIM PIPE (512) 444-3987

I find them between pages in books, pages of paper journals,
in boxes of lost treasure, under CDs, inside old lunchboxes...
a strange image-history of who I have been
Here in Austin.

Alas, I only have a few of them scanned to my computer.
(damn you scanner who won't play with my MAC now!)

I know some of you have pics by this man, if you want to get them up and in here
that would be soooo cool. Just throw them in the comments, I'll edit them in.
Someone needs to get together with Mr Tim Pipe....and pull a BOOK out of Him.
WE need to.
Because a picture is worth a thousand words--but only a person can tell their story.

I see thick glossy pages, heavy to turn.
Black & Whites of all of us.
And all the stories, of That Night.

I would LOVE to Pipe sees you.

If you feel you can share a few, just for fun here--that would be amazing.
(of course I will hound you help me make him work on this project
that can only happen with more-than his Blessing, and YOUR pictures.)

He has the Dark Gift.

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