August 2nd, 2005


Sweaty Ginger!

Yesterday was the beginning of Operation Deep Clean...

Not only the clearing of clutter, but the processing of clutter.
Much to the bins, and much finally filed properly or squirreled away
in the Uber Trunk of Posterity.

Dusting, vacuuming, sneezing.........

And a trip to Central Market, for socializing and groceries.
Stocked for the week--for a mere 21 dollars!
Big pot of black beans on the stove all day.....

Then hairypolack came by and rewarded me with
a trip to my favourite Asian Buffet joint!!!
Lunch was AWESOME!
Mmmmm....started with a little bowl of Pho, and several pieces of sushi.
Second trip was all about the salads: pickled jicama and slivered carrot,
sesame watercress salad, a hand full of boiled shrimp, cup of steamed rice
and a pile of kimchee, spicy pickled cucumber, and a tiny little octopus that
was over-cooked so we played with it instead...
Then a round of tempura'd sweet potato, steamed salmon, wilted spinach
salad, and a pile of edamame!

Finished with a wedge of watermelon, some honey dew and cantaloupe,
and slice of orange. Oooh....and a little dish of soft serve vanilla ice cream!!!

(THANK-YOU hairypolack!)

Couldn't even wiggle afterwards.

We watched the Steven Wright shorts he had brought....
Made a loaf of banana/blueberry bread to send home with him
(okay, I kept half...)
And then he left me around ten thirty--as My early rising that morning
had left me ready to pass out in delirium, rather prematurely.

Woke up shiny-shiny at 7 am without an alarm.

Got a jump on the oppressive heat!
Have been sorting through my ungodly mountain of laundry,
with my apartment open to the morning air...
I can't afford to do it all right now, but at least it will be organised.

Walked to TARGET to buy soap and plead for quarters...
only to discover it wasn't open yet.
Yow, much weirdness--this MORNING business?

Had started two loads of linens already, (Kleeeeeen SHEEETS!!!)
So I hit the corner Shell and weaseled enough quarters out of Nick
to dry them...

I have too many clothes.
And far too many sets of sheets.

It comes from my affection for Thrift Stores,
and my disdain for doing laundry.

Once I get everything clean--I can go for more than several months.

TARGET finally opened at 9 am, and I got the rest of my supplies,
and another mesh laundry bag from the DOLLAR SPOT. *laughs*
The cashier liked my X-men baby-T.....and gave me more change
(not more money, just more quarters) than he was supposed to...
I have enough to do several loads now!!!

My tiny flat is filled with stacks of folded jeans, piles of beaters, lumps
of bar/band tank tops, and a mesh bag stuffed with little boy's
comicbook-hero socks and undies!

eastland is coming back next week,
and has teased me with a nice little trade--
I cook a snazzy dinner at his place, and I get free run
with his washer and drier!


(You ROCK Daniel-Tiger!)

A clean and organised Ginger,
is a PRODUCTIVE Ginger.

Happy August 2nd Everybody!!!

*toddles back to throw another load of black in the wash*

Edit:KA-CHING!!! I just found seventeen dollars
in a wadded up old pair of Calvin flairs!

*shakes butt, hops around*


TA DA!!!!

And I'm clean too....even shaved my legs!

I'm in my favourite big red plaid shorts--and a beater that still smells sweetly

*happy sigh*

And if that weren't ENOUGH?
The landlady just came by and stuck a key in the door of the CRAZY GUY
who lives next door...

(you know, Mr Don't-you-hear-the-banging-are-you-banging-i-hear-banging??!)