July 11th, 2005



Oh, it was still good.

hairypolack and I saw it yesterday...and I gotta say, the company
made it better.


(oh you should have seen us, me in my F4 T-shirt and he in his Captain America...
catching it in DEEPEST DARKEST North Austin, at the Lakeline Mall--I'll get the pics
out of my camera soon....We were out of our element--Dork Royalty in a foreign
FOREIGN country!!!)

The audience was....... abyss-mall.

We were the only two who hooted when Willy Lumpkin made his

Both looked at each other and said: DEVO!
at the same moment of recognition...

(if you know what I'm talking about--PLEASE explain it's relevance?
I mean, beyond the idea that these five folks have in fact made rapid EVO?
If you haven't seen the Movie yet, keep an eye on the background for
'framed photos'...)


I just hope there's a sequel...they really were only able to set up, for a story.
It wasn't Great.
But it didn't Suck.

And the AC cut out--so we got free passes for something else!


Recovering from my barrage of VISITORS these past weeks, today...
Still in my Jammies--finally watching what I recorded Saturday night, off NBC.

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