June 22nd, 2005


Oh My. That really Sucked.


I feel like a hung over Muppet or something...
there is deffinantly someone's hand still in my head.

They had to fill two molars on the bottom, the back ones
on either side....And I am apparently a wuss.
She had to give me novocaine twice.
And it still was killing me--but she sorta shamed me into
squirmy silence.

Sure, they're all SUNSHINE until they get their DRILL in your mouth!
(why does that sound like a euphemism?)

Dr Lopez did the the top two on my right side first, however.
The "little ones"--this logic made no sense to me.
Maybe I'm wired weird, but if you know they are doing the SMALL
ones first....and they kick your ass,
it only makes the DREAD of the next two
larger and deeper ones EXPAND.

I say get the WORST out of the way FIRST!

I must admitt, I did enjoy the nitrous...
I got to keep my little snozzle too!
It smells like grapefruit.

But there it ends.

I am in pain...AND I cannot feel my entire face.
How is that possible?

Four fillings.
Five shots.

Hey, did you know fillings are TOOTH coloured now?

That's kinda neat.


I laughed when the receptionist gave me my bill.
I counted out the total in cash....

of course.
Spidey Sense

I went to the store, I checked my mail...

My phone/internet bill has an advertisement for FANTASTIC FOUR
on the outside of the envelope.

I am afraid to open it.

I can earn Fantastic Rewards.

Dear God.
WE are in charge now.

I'm in my 35th year.

We are Them.

MARVEL is printed in bold letters on the lower left hand corner
of the back of my phone bill.

*strums fingers*

It's all going to hell.

::tears open the envelope::