June 17th, 2005

Wet Swords

Posted this in response to a Friend....

want it on my own page.

I Live in Texas Now.

Near the middle.

We have no sea.
No ocean.

The Colorado River runs through us here.
It's damned off.
And most people think it is a lake.

I know it isn't.

And I have memories..............
of an Ocean.

The Pacific, crashing against cement Jacks, the sea wall.........
of Okinawa.

I would ride my bicycle down to the sugar cane field.
And carry it, through the cane fields.

Lean it against the wall....and climb on top of it.

Scattered against the wall, were these huge cement "jacks"
to break up what might come our way.....any night.

Typhoon season.

Most of the time, it wasn't that time.

I watched the water.

The waves.

The little birds running back and forth.

I was 15.

I would sit on that sea wall.....
and put my problems...my issues...on those waves that scattered
the thin legged birds.

Send them away.

The sky was enormous...and I thought I could see the curve of the earth.

When I have to shut down and go somewhere.....
When I need to get AWAY.


We are mostly water.
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