June 15th, 2005


Batman Begins


I think gev is still sore because I didn't yell out Carrie!
when the MC at the ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE SOUTH at tonight's opening
asked the Trivia question: What was Robin's alter ego in Frank Miller's

I got tongue tied.
Was mumbling it under my breath,
I couldn't choke out: Kelly!
gev said: SAY IT, I DON'T KNOW IT!!!

Okay, not sore, but a little frustrated with the Ginger.

Still....all the boys were yelling Nightwing etcetera...
(rolls eyes)
and the Chic at the end of our 2nd row, was the one who got it.


So I don't feel sooo bad.


Silly Boys.


Collapse )

THE ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE SOUTH is my favourite place
to see MOVIES that matter to me.........
(yes...Comic Book Movies.)
They seem to matter just as much
to all the people around me there.
The Ushers, The Servers, and every seat in the House.
When I am there, I am WITH my PEOPLE.


Thanks gev...

That was FUN.


(more later I'm sure...I didn't know I was going tonight...
and I have a dentist appointment in less than 8 hours. *ACK*)

Still....Ringing in my ready ears:

“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”