June 14th, 2005


I don't care what ANYONE says.....

Madagascar is worth it, for the Penguins.

So there.

eastland and I sat in the Westgate Theater with about 20 kids
and four or five mildly disgruntled mothers.......at 2 PM

And laughed our ASSES off.

(i clapped so hard during several guffaws, that the 14 year old behind us
begrudgingly baby-sitting her sibs, SHUSHED me.
i am not so angry suddenly--
So I didn't turn around and tell her to Unclentch...Good Ginger!)

And then of course we had to go have Sushi.
It was next door!

We dragged through Central Market, and picked out our just-rolled-fare,
got an Ichiban and a Sapporo....and sat down in the Cafe.

Lingered, and giggled, and clinked our glasses.

Penguins, and Wasabi, and the company of an old Friend
I have missed......I needed this visit.

We took another round through CM, me grabbing a few things to make
my little kitchen more user friendly...The odds and bits and occasional Mango.
You know, necessities.

And dropped it all off at my apartment....
Googling something, what was it...

And then we headed off together on His-and-Her errands,
under the sun of a Monday that we both kept calling Lazy....
Though I had done more today than I had in six months.

Finished, with the things we both HAD to do....
We wondered what we WANTED to do.
It was still an early Summer evening.

We tried to wander around the FROST TOWER,


but were kinda....Thrown out.


Umm... encouraged not to wander around.

So at a loss, I scratched my head....

Wanna see the most decadent display of VULGAR excess I can think of?

He Did.

So I took him to the World Headquarters of WHOLE FOODS.

We got dizzy.

We cruised around...eyes wide. (i am not immune, it still gets me kinda HIGH)

I think we stood for a whole three minutes, in silence
before the selection of mushrooms.
It was vast. It was perfect. They were magazine gorgeous.

We shook our heads in awe.

Chose a few handfuls of cherries, and several Fredricksburg Peaches...
And a four pack of Izze blueberry soda.

And left.

And for hours after, we lazed around my little flat munching on fruit, telling stories
and catching up.

I pushed him out the door a few hours ago--he is here on "Business" too...
and must wake up early.

What an amazing day.

I want to say: I got so much Done.

But what I really did..........was get so many many many things

I feel like myself.
I feel Alive.


"Look--billions and billions of helicopters!"

Just...Just RENT it okay?
It was good.