June 1st, 2005


Something Intrinsically wrong with the Size......

Ever feel like you are talking to someone
and you are saying words in the same language?
But NOTHING is being communicated?

*shakes her blinky box*

I have duckies and doggies at the bottom of my screen.
I have spent HOURS with amazing humans who really
REALLY wanted
me to understand.

I still think I am not asking the right questions.

I could do it on MAX, on PETER, two hard drives into it.
On the same machine.
I suffered a total crash.
And came back.

Maybe I just need to NAME this fucker?

Okay Fucker.
I'm naming you.
Blinky Box....
I Name you Cassandra.

Maybe you will help me get along with other women.

You are a GIRL, aren't you.

I should have known.

Okay Cassie, let's talk about the future.

There used to be a PLACE where I could
change an image.
Take it down by pixel size,
even draw a box around it and edit it.

This is The Apple...Lady.
We know this fruit.

It's OURS.

Come on Cassie.
Show me.

I'll believe you if you TELL me.

Cassandra, teach me the Apple.

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    One Thing Can Hold Us
The Sisters

I HAVE PHOTO SHOP--A nice one, with my name on it.

(Mr Smith must have given it to me)

I cannot get the image...

to the source.

I don't know how to drag.
I have read the top of the screen and the side of the screen

How to make this:

(no image)


C'mon Cassie.

We're Girls.

*kicks at her*

Gimme something.

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    At The Bottom