May 31st, 2005


It's Pixie short now....

Suzanne took it down to boy--with two spikes of spit curl
at each cheek
and #2 clippers up the back of the neck.

I feel...
Clean and Sharp again.

I left work at 5 PM this evening...with errands to run.
The SUN is back...the EVIL SUMMER SUN, not
the friendly happy Spring Sun.

I dripped sweat at the bus stop.
Knowing--THIS IS is only beginning.
Then shivered on the bus.

Got off at the stop to cash my check and turn it into a rent check.
This took moments, in an overly airconditioned MoneyBox.

(when will people learn that the colder you make it inside,
the more DREADFUL the outside is when you go back???
WHY must they keep it colder in the summer than they HEAT it
in the Winter??? Always been baffled by this.)

Then back under the sky, the sweltering sheltering sky.....
To stand un shaded at a bus stop surrounded by cement and street.
I already want to cry in the heat.

Someday I will find the Alternative Universe, where my Austin
A Canadian Austin!!!!

I hate Summer
i can dream....

I turned my White Jewelry up and focused on other things.
Like how I should really just stay on the bus until it gets to the CM
shopping center--and get a lot lot lot more of this shiny BLACK hair
cut off of my head.

(IT had begun to BURN me.)

And so I did.
Passing Fountainhead Apartments...
Still in my work clothes...
Knowing I'd never get the little hairs out of this white knit
collared shirt.

Seeking out my lovely little Suzanne...
Who all but greeted me at the door.

It's a place where old guys and little kids get their hair cut...
It's 12 bucks a pop.
She's young, and good...and will not be there for long.
I know.
I've been through Betty and Marie and Anna already.
They move on quickly--when they are good.
I've been coming here and here alone for over five years.

Somehow I always get lucky...

I ask for something a little weird...
and I imagine they get bored, so I get crazy attention.
And I always leave a 20 for my 12 dollar hair cut.

(not a lot in the Salon world, I know, but in my world
it is enough to get you remembered)

Suzanne now has a file on me in the computer...
where my cowlicks are, and that I didn't really like the last razor cut
because it dulled my shine. *laughs*

Darlin, nothing beats asking someone, from whom little is asked...
For something GREAT.

It works on ME,
It works on most folks.

Most all of us know we are capable of more than our day job asks of us.
And LOATHE what it demands.

She finished my cut, and just beamed at me.
Dragging product through it, and tweaking the spit curls...
I wanna cut mine short again now, You look GREAT.

"I do look GREAT" *i laughed* "THANK-YOU!!!"

I handed her a 20, and told her I hoped her little-one was feeling better...

(ear infection this weekend, she and her hubby had to cancel the first "DATE"
that they had been able to make since Valentine's Day...She wasn't bitter.
She and her Beau decided it must have kept them out of a wreck in the rain...)

She Smiled.
I Smiled.

Suzanne Rocks.

I had a bad day at work today.
Maybe I'll talk about it later...

Maybe I won't.

It was about petty things, that I should be larger than...
And mostly my fault.

After my groovy new Do,
I really just want to see how much GREATNESS
I can get away with tomorrow.

That aren't asked of me.
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