May 26th, 2005


"Goin' to the Country, Gonna eat a lot of Peaches..."

My GOD fresh peaches smell good.

I bought a handful of tiny Texas grown peaches yesterday at CM,
Have eaten two of them.

My whole kitchen smells like peaches.

They are REAL peaches.
I chose five kinda dark ones, by their smell and 'squeeze'.

Moments ago, I ran my ceramic knife around one
from stem hole
to stem hole.

and then pulled out the tiny pit from the other half.

(perfect, easier than a good avocado!)

Into mouth....
One half, then the other.

Melty melty juicy lush sweet.............

Can't believe I couldn't get past the fuzz--
when I was a kid.

You miss out on a LOT when you can't
get past the fuzz...

*grins and grins, choose and swallows*
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I have 90 people on my Friends List.

I think that is too much.
Too many.

But I just skimmed down the list...
And couldn't take a single one off.

Not one.

Even the new guy, dreamer_5133
and I'm not even sure WHO he is...

*waves to Mike*

I was never going to have more than 30.
Then 50...
NO MORE than 80.


Doesn't work like that, does it.

When I joined this place in 2001--
I thought the people with hundreds of folks
on their list, were NUTS.

I haven't entirely abandoned that theory,
but I have my doubts now.

I used to be able to keep up with everyone.
I no longer can.

Not really.

And that makes me eye my thickening list with discomfort.

It's becoming something ELSE.
Something I did not intend it to be.

disophy1 says I am afraid of change.
He's right.

I'm not a City Mouse.

But I'm not a Country Mouse, either....


I want Juuust Enough hustle and bustle.

I want to stay close.
But have an interesting sky-line.

My Town is Growing.

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