May 25th, 2005



Dear god...I just returned from CONSUMER LAND.
I just, I just needed a tube of lipstick...



Do you know you can buy PINK tools now?
With rubber no slip grips.....that hang on your cute...

(you have tools ginger)

I filled my little hand basket....
with cheap crap.
A whistle on a red cord...
A pink tape measure on a key chain...
A shiny metal doggie bowl with paws on it...

(ginger, you don't have a doggie)

A poison oak first aid kit...
and a pair of pink and orange polka dot socks.

I went left instead of right--(the direction your ACTUAL intended purchase was)
And cruised through the jewelry and hand bags...

(you don't wear jewelry ginger, and you HATE hand bags)

I wandered the aisles of tiny sheer pastel clothing...
gagging and wincing, but fingering the fabric...

(is it the LIGHTING in there??? Does it hypnotise?)

I scurried over to the little boy's department--to escape
and look for a cool Sith T-shirt in Boy's SM...

A little old lady looking at sports socks--turned to me,
with no hesitation what-so-ever...began talking to me
like I was her sales clerk.

I must have that FACE, years in the Service Industry...
I am constantly stopped regardless of what I am wearing.
Today I was in sagging torn cuffed Lucky Jeans and a black tank.
Braless and in Flip flops.

It didn't matter.
Somehow....the little old lady KNEW.
And she was right.

"How do you tell the size on these things?"
She asked, smiling at me expectantly.

I stopped and turned--looked around and confirmed
that I was the only one there.

I put my hand basket down and walked over.

It's in the corner here on the right side of the tag, Ma'am.
These are all for women with size 5 to size 10 shoes sizes.
They stretch quite a bit...

"It's not this 2 here?"
points to the number telling you how many Pair in the bundle.

No Ma'am, that just tells you how many pairs of socks there are.
The size is in the corner here...Where it says size 5 to size 10.

I smiled, she smiled.

"But these aren't all white, I want them all white..."

I showed her another rack, with all white.

"I am a size 6, will these fit me?"
She asked.

I pulled a pair from the rack and handed them to her.

Here you go! These are all white and they will fit you.

"Oh, thank you so much!" she beamed...and walked off muttering
happily that they were only $3.99 and that that was a good price...

She was a dear, but I do hope she isn't driving.
But I know...she is.

I wandered into the toy department--and left quickly.
The "BRATZ" dolls now have a "PUNKZ" line of male and female dolls...
They even have a BAR.
They call it the PUNKZ PARTY SPOT.... Barbie had a Hot Tub....but.....but...


My tummy hurt--So

I ran to the kitchen department and fondled little cutting boards.
It made me feel better.
I stuck one in my basket.

I looked at glassware, and coveted a set of thin blown glass rocks glasses.
But I have no more room--so I fingered them and put them back on the shelf.

In household, I picked up and put back a SPIDERMAN toilet seat--FOUR times.

I walked through the DVDs and allowed as how I REALLY don't need to buy
the last season of ANGEL....Yet.

Then into the make-up.

It took seconds to find a 2 dollar tube of slutty blue-red lipstick...
Last one of it's kind on the shelf.

I was once given Two tubes of Channel Lipstick as a gift.
I enjoyed them.
But really could not see that they were 48 dollars BETTER
than my old favourites.

Not really.
And the cheap stuff stains your lips, even after you've eaten it off...
And needn't be reapplied so often.


I looked into my basket.
And shook my head....

Systematically returning each item,
to it's proper place.

I left with my lipstick...
And a Healthy Fear of Commerce.
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The Sisters

Morgan Spurlock Gave Me A Bagel...

It's hard to tell sometimes if I am losing my mind,
or the World has simply gotten that weird.

Long walks help.

It's hot already here.

I should have taken these walks a month ago.
My head was just as screwed then--
But there were cool breezes.

Now you sweat.
And the green is not new green.
It's solid hard DARK green.

I see the waxy Magnolia flowers almost ready
to open.

The blue bonnets are pale and shriveling...
This is not their time.


Begun early this year.

Green goes dark........

The Heavy of Austin.

I lick my upper lip
as the sweat undoes me.
I look around.

Read the painted signs.

I thought I knew my neighborhood.

I didn't.

South Lamar.

I am looking BEHIND the things I see......
as my bus grumbles past these places every day.

Climb over a few fences.
Sit under an ancient Live Oak.....and watch the fire flies.


Sit still.


THIS is why I came back.

Walk some more.

The door closed softly behind me.
I do not want to lose what I found.

Hit the button that calls up the screen.

Try and Try and Try to lay down the words.

Is Mr. Spurlock responsible for the "FRUIT BUZZ"?

The TV, that is still on, in my apartment...

McDonalds could be seen three times
if you left yourself to periphery
on that street of NAGO
On Okinawa Japan.

A 60 mile long Island.........
and as many McDonalds as Austin has STARBUCKS.

34 circa 1985.
34 circa 2005.


Micky D's has FRUIT now.
what do they wash those apples in to make them look fresh cut
All day?

Maybe they didn't wash them in anything.
They just blended them with Sea-Monkeys.

Before they were picked.

It's hard to tell........
Whose mind has been lost.

I need to walk more.
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