May 5th, 2005

Bad Girl


*wiggles out of her SMALLVILLE buzz*



I was an ass.


I am glad the day let me, have it.............


I woke up this morning.....
and my head was fuzzy.

So I poured a shot.

I'm like that.
Day off and all.......

I connected with the information on LJ.........
Was too involved.
Poured another shot.


There was something I needed to DO.

I was wiggly by then.

My iTunes were chirping away.......
and it was so cozy.


i promised.

i promised.


I dug into my closet.
Found a box.

The box my work shoes came in,
my Mom bought them for me.
They are expensive and ugly.
They are VERY comfortable.

(i HEART mom)

Put a pound of (fuck, it rocks) Komodo Dragon
and the LAST pound of this year's Anniversary blend.......
Comes out in September.
Starbucks and Ginger were born at the same time.


And a half pound of Sumatra.
We ((WE???)) roast it too long,
I think the sweetness gets lost in the char.
But it isn't BAD.

Then I picked through my three bags
of goodies.....
from SXSW.
Tossed in what I thought was funny...and cool.

Put the lid on it.

Stared at it.

Tequila coursing through my veins and brain.



*blink blink*

Laid back on the futon and talked to the ceiling.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
GET UP ginger.

Did another shot.

Found two SBUX bags (i thought i would have CM bags
but i have been good about my canvas bags of late...)
Little ones.
Disassembled them.
Turned them inside out.

And wrapped the box.

LOTS of tape.

Not good tape, just LOTS of it.

I yanked the broad sharpie off my bulletin board
and scrawled SPACEMUMMY across the package.

Then pulled the other 'velcro-ed' pen off my board......
Yes, swtalmnd that "Lipstick Red" pen you sent me.

And carefully wrote out the address to: Outer Space.

The box was packed.

I laid back on the futon and chanted:

it was hard.

But I lifted the 1962 receiver that IS my departed Grandmother's phone
and called 452-9999

Yellow Cab.

I prayed for a cool driver.

I got UP.

Steve Chaney.
Cab # 166

i heart cab drivers in the afternoon on a wednesday.


he was.

*nods and nods*

I crawled into his car and stated my Business.

Look, *smiles* I am full of Tequila and we are going on an adventure.

He nodded.
And smiled.

I had him take me to the MONEY BOX on South Lamar, first.
To cash my paycheck.

THEN we were going to the POST OFFICE........

He took me to the one on South 1st that just closed.
We talked about how much we missed local icons.

The paper did a whole thing on that POST OFFICE closing last week....
he hadn't read it.

A band played, people cried.

I told him I had said....5th/6th street...........

At no point did I think he was soaking me for miles.

We drove all over SOUTH Austin.....
Should have been a 50 dollar cab ride.

Rang in at under 15.

At the POST OFFICE on 6th street...

I handed him a 20, and laughed when he tried
to give me a five back.

I was still wiggly.
Told Steve I should probably ask him to wait for me...
and take me HOME.
BUT--the sky is high and clear and blue.

I think I should be under it.

HE laughed, and smiled at me.

Drove away, to pick up his NEXT crazy.

(he spoke a little Japanese, did I mention that???)

I plugged my WHITE JEWELRY into my ears........
BOWIE blared.

ground control......

I fondled my badly wrapped package.

I stood in line.
I turned up the volume.

I laughed out loud.

It's AUSTIN--they just smiled back.

(fuck, I love my Town.)

Brown paper wrapped package with SPACEMUMMY
scrawled across it.

The lady at the counter SHOOK it.

She smiled.
I smiled.

She taped it's ass up better.

I grinned.

I walked out of that POST OFFICE on west 6th street..............
and looked up at the sky.

I don't care what anyone says......
Turkey Buzzards are pretty when they fly.

Someone has to eat the dead....
and FREEWAYS provide all the heat, to lift one.


I stood and stared for several minutes.

I couldn't stop smiling.
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Hate to Write Anything Else........

Like my last Post.

*strums fingers*

Not done yet.

Even if it's shit.

It's MY shit.

And that is what this place is for.

*cracks her silver Zippo, THE SPIRIT OF MY BLINKY BOX scratched into it's case*

Thanks Kathy.........
I think of you every time I inhale.

FIRE is an excellent gift.

It never goes out of style.


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Snatch up Lenny and curl up in a ball.

SLEEP little girl.

You, are trying too hard.

It's hurting you.

::grabs Lenny........and squeezes him::

I'm 34 and a half.
I have a stuffed Rat.

I think he was one of those beanie things.
His tag said "Tip Toe"

His name is Lenny.

When I am sad, he sits on my head
while I write.

he fills my hands while I sleep.

When I'm lonely.
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