May 3rd, 2005


There are many places to hide.

THIS, is my favourite.

I had no ride home....
From Work.

I joined Del, with Lain.

Dollar night at THE HOLE IN THE WALL.

I haven't been there since it changed hands--but kept the sign.


Looking around, before my first beer.......
Felt, left off--
Fumbling in my black and whites....

Work clothes and lines around my eyes.

Trying to hold my cigarette right.

Dense Crowd....
Can't move.

feeling.....tired and bitten by every beautiful college miscreant
who bumped and brushed against me and my bag....



Lain was getting pissed off by the bartender....
while I turned to Del and said:
You know, this is the first time I've been in a bar
where I didn't know anyone but the people I came with--
in a VERY long time.

I used to come here, 8 years ago.
*glances over the 22 something crowd*

I knew people then........

*tugs hard*


I said.

I looked over to see who Lain was getting out done by--
And laughed.


Dominic was taking the piss out of him for not tipping enough.
MY Dominic.
Dominic Aielo......

Known him for ten years.
Eight years???

*bounce bounce*

::sock Del in the shoulder::


HE grins at me.

"I know the bartender!!!!"

Dom, Lovejoys and The Black Cat.........

I'm not too old.

Austin still has my magik, wherever I go.

All is not lost.

*laughs at herself*

And we sat down, and met the best Folk....

Paul and Bobby.......
New stories about Austin....
New York....

Coming back.

I laid out my theories--

Picking out the stories from the Folks
who come to incubate...
and move on.


Bobby has been back several times....
Paul has been here two years.

(I think...they were together...but I couldn't really tell.)

I just spouted and spouted.

What it's FOR.

Del beaming at me, Lain playing pool.......

Bobby and Paul clinking my plastic glass...
over and over.
Bobby knocking it on the table with me.

I was square enough to get Paul's e-mail....
and phone number.

(again, in Austin...hard to draw black lines...*laughs*)

Why end tonight....
(Because GINGER has to be at work at 10:15 AM...)

And last call at the HOLE IN THE WALL...was called.
By an old Friend.
(Dom leaned down and whispered in my ear....Drink up, Dear.)


I felt old when I got there....I felt Old School...when I left.

The Drag of UT...........
I never go there anymore....
I did tonight.

For a ride HOME.

I got a ride home.................
And a nice dose of "you still belong here".

Old Woman By the River.........
Can still float.


Still Float.
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*weary slump*

Is today really over???


I was miserable at work today....
But it was busy, and went by quickly.

Now I have the evening and TOMORROW off!!!


I called Mr Smith yesterday....and asked if he could drop my F4
T-shirt off at the BUX for me--he did.

Early enough, that he was able to miss me.

*laughs & sighs*

Goooooood Ex-Boyfriend.

Okay--WHO did I promise to see THIS one with???


*EDIT: Well, bugger.
Had my days screwed up.....
NO F4 for ginger tomorrow......

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Back from my Errands....

Glad I didn't collapse after work and just sleep the night away....
Somehow, once the sun sets--I get my second wind.

The crazy guy next door (STOP THE BANGING guy) has his door open too....
and there is the most loverly smell of Indian food cooking, that delicate spice
I cannot quite put my finger on but smells so exotic and floral.


Too bad he's insane, right?

I went to Central Market Westgate, and had a great time.
Ran into several Friends I had not seen in a while, and talked and talked...
It really does feel like a "Central Market Place" with it's restaurant
and vast maze-like aisles of flora and fauna, floatsome and jetsome,
people stand around and chat over wine labels and bunches of basil.

And I'm too hip for words with my large canvas SXSW/Shopping bag
in my little Euro-style cart....(i like them because i can jump up on back
and SCOOOT on them for several feet without killing some unsuspecting
fellow shopper!)


It's so Austin.

Whole Foods World Headquarters is AMAZING...
but just a tad too overwhelming and HUGE to feel like home.
It is Disneyland, to CM's Central Park.
Fun and flashy--but not the kind of place you would fly a kite.

But, well, I am rather biased--having managed the restaurant at CM
for the first three years it was open.

I made my rounds, and re stocked on fresh veggies and deli goodies...

Found out what a Quince looks like...before you make Quince out of it!
The produce guy cut it open for me--and we both pondered why the jelly
is red, as the fruit has white flesh....(anyone? anyone?)

(mostly the produce guy is hot, and he gave me a flier for his band...*BEAMS*)

Packed all my supplies home to the Tree House, and put them away.
Stuck my "bottle" in the freezer, and then grabbed my keys and headed to Target.
Needed paper products!
T.P (over or under? I'm an Over gal.)
Those great BLUE paper towels that you can ring and reuse...
And a nifty little black box of tissue (i couldn't resist the packaging
and it's sneezy season in A-Town...)

I picked up and put back a little boy's size small SUPERMAN T-shirt
several times...
If it had been screened rather than raised plastic I am sure I would be
wearing it bra-less right now!
But that rubbery stuff just isn't comfortable...

But it was sooooo CUTE!
(screw spending 30 bucks on an X-men Baby-T at the MAUL
when you can spend 7 in the little boys department at Target!!!
That's where I get allllll my Batman and Spiderman socks! ^_^)

Home again, stocked and chuffed.

Ready for a night of mischief on the Blinky Box....

Tomorrow--Scooter stuff, and off to the Post Office to mail a few packages.
One to Vegas.
And one
to Outer Space.

But really, what's the dif???

*grins at spacemummy*

*wiggles her bare toes*


So--what have YOU Cats and Kittens been up to..........

*toddles off to visit her Friends-list*
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Ooh! I like this one!

Thanks lolliejean!

Your Birthdate: September 10

Your birth on the 10th day of the month adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your life.

The number 1 energy suggest more executive ability and leadership qualities than you path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 10th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.

You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.

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