May 1st, 2005


Fairy Cake!!!

What A Loverly day I have had!!!
(you know, AFTER work?!)

zutroy and I both visited the Newly Finished

I must say, even having been a manager at Central Market for three years....
I was not prepared for the ORGY of GROCERY that is--THE WHOLE FOODS
World Headquarters.

We were both starving--and just kept spinning around,
overwhelmed by the FOODAGE.

And to the ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE for Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy!!!

We were served a complementary "Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster"
while we waited in line, (it was blue, it had I dunno...maybe GIN in it?
and an olive)

They played the old BBC television series before the show....
And there was a heartfelt introduction by one of the staff--who was
English, and quite the fan. He likened Douglas' death in England....
to That of Fred Rogers, in the States.

I got a lump in my throat.


There was also a rousing game of TRIVIA before the show, folks who could
answer the a TOWEL!!!

I did not win a TOWEL.


BUT zutroy DID!!!!

Question: What was at the center of the Total Perspective Vortex?

Zut hollars: FAIRY CAKE!!!



And he let me hold his TOWEL!

I cannot imagine having seen that movie ANYWHERE else....
With ANYONE else.

May DAY, May DAY!!!

Have you danced around YOUR Pole today???

(i have. *smarms*)

Still reveling in the evening I had last night with zutroy...

We almost went to the 7:30 PM showing of HITCH HIKER'S at the Westgate
Theater....near CM and my apartment.

But he arrived an hour later than expected in Austin....
Because of a good deed--he got him self involved in somewhere
in Round Rock.
(he witnessed a wreck, and stuck around to give a statement...That's my Boy Scout!)

I was waiting at work for him when he called.
I stomped around, in mock anger--because I had predicted
he would be late...
There's ALWAYS something.

We have a BAD TIMING theme that has carried on for nearly two years.


At SEVERAL levels...

So when he finally arrived we were going to go by my place, so I could change
out of my work duds--and then hit CM for some foodage, and catch the 8 PM at
the Westgate.....

He got on my Blinky Box while I was changing...
and fixed all my wonky bits in a matter of seconds.

(I am reminded of that scene in Tama Janowitz's '80s film SLAVES OF NEW YORK
when the guy comes in to Bernadette Peters' character's apartment
while she's trying to get ready for an ill planned PARTY--
and all her kitchen appliances are going and she is a wreck....
things are exploding and she is FRANTIC....

The guy starts unplugging things and making the Universe RIGHT again--
Instantly, with a shrug and a smile--Sudden Calm.)

I was chirping around, still a little bent from a difficult shift....
(we hit our sales goal for the ENTIRE day--at 4 PM.)

We left for CM--wandered around a little--not really finding what ever it was
I was looking for...

HE looked at his watch.
Looked at me.

I think I have a better Plan.

he said, and I eyed him with misgivings.


I asked flatly.

Why don't we go check out the New Whole Foods, I want to see it--and I know
you do if you haven't already...


And we could catch the 9:55 PM show at the Alamo Draft House South....

*ginger blinks*



It is so hard for me to relinquish....control.
Even in my own best interest.

But I did.
I aquiessed.

And the NIGHT--everything....
was sooooo much better than It would have been
had we done it MY WAY.

All the loverly EXTRAS that go along with having seen it
at the ALAMO...Drinkies and a higher quality of AUDIENCE...
The MC and his stories, And of course--Zut's TOWEL!!!!

(still haven't told the story of me holding his seat, while he went to
the restroom--the Theater was packed...people were cruising around
like sharks, looking for two or more seats TOGETHER--After about 18 couples
had asked me if I was using BOTH the seats on either side of me--I snapped and
told the little mouse and his gal that: NO--NO I AM JUST A COMPLETE
and am sitting in the middle of these two just to split them up.
He stared at me--unable to respond.
So I laughed as cheerfully as I could and explained that the one to my right was
my friend's--but the other one was free. The mouse grinned sheepishly, and they
ran away. *head in hands* Ginger=Bitch!)

I really need to learn how to UNCLENCH.


I'm glad April is OVER.
It was far too long this year.

Do wish my Boy Scout didn't have to leave at 8 AM this morning
for Houston, though.

My time with him is getting short.

He's leaving Texas very soon.



Timing is everything.........
and a good PLAN.

I rarely have either.


But it seems to work out anyway.
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