April 28th, 2005


What a night........

omaha talked me through something that may very well
be a way for me to access my old picture place.


HE should be petted heavily and possibly Sainted.
I am a BAD BAD BAD girl on the other end of Tech Support.
A horrid student.

But I have a little "Duckie" icon in my "dock" now....
and I have a little hope.
That was the part I never understood....and why I couldn't
get my MAC to do what my PC did so easily.

Baby Steps.

And techstep attempted to pick up where he left off...
and I just shook my head and covered my eyes.

A girl can only take so much.

Even if you are sitting NEXT to me--
I will probably CRY while you try and teach me something
on this thing.

(see: gev and zutroy)

so the details confound me.

I get angry--because I cannot understand.
I make up words to describe what is happening on my screen....
And sometimes use words that already mean something else.

I try and draw a picture--but
The concepts have already been named.

Constantly moving static.
*shakes her machine*


I have to learn this, or be left behind.
I will NOT be left behind.

This is communication.
and Communication
is what I LIVE for.

And the Battle Continues on........
--The Queen and the Soldier, Suzanne Vega
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I was just happy about my sandwich.......

Everything is running slower now.

I restarted the machine.
Clean the slate?

No "duckie" at the bottom of my screen anymore.

Had to do the trick gev taught me....
(stick TWEETY into the back of the BLINKY BOX)
to make my iTunes come back.


Why can't this thing speak Ginger....

Everytime I say that.....I think back....

To where it all began...or was that the middle?


I owe so many.
Have hurt so many.

Deserve every ache I have now.
*rubs eyes*
Mr Smith is a Tool in MANY ways..............
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