April 23rd, 2005


Home Again Home Again....

My Cabbie, home, was amazing.
Not often, you meet a life-long Austinite.
I was rambling about the VOTE, and the BAN...
He was smiling and answering, keeping me going.

Cut me a sweet deal on the ride
when we arrived at 4100 Victory Drive.

Told me he was glad I made it back to Austin,
Austin must have missed me.


I left the BUX with 43 dollars.
Miss Nelson, dropped me off at Chaos Central
after work.
Around Midnight.

I am home now, after a cab,
and a night of drinking my fill at all my Churches...

with 20 bucks left.

That's amazing--too.

*shakes her head grining*

Sure--it's eating me alive.
But it's helping me survive.

Met a cool guy named Dave, early in the evening at Casino's.
In computer animation.....
It was all of several seconds before we started swapping Comic LOVE.
(a buddy of his worked on SIN CITY)

I have several sites to check out...and his e-mail.
(have I said lately how much I love this machine???)

So much better than a phone number you will never call....
You have something to look at, be chuffed by, at a safe distance....

How grand and elaborate it has become, for strangers.

Mom always bemoaned, when I was a child....
that I had never met one.
A stranger,
that is...........................

Missed Mr Smith, tonight at work, something made me laugh--
and I had to remember why.
And that, it wasn't so funny anymore.

I sat outside BEERLAND with D&R for a bit...
hearing all the updates.
I brought them a pound of "Komodo Dragon" (coffee)--

As we sat (I squatted) outside the Big Blue Sign...
I heard the ups and downs of the 'Battle Royale'--
from D, and smiled while R squeezed the package
I had brought, and smiled--and told me how good it smelled.

They balance each other--so brilliantly.
I admire their Love, like no one elses....
even my Parent's.

One takes the stick, while the other gets to rest.
They pass it back and forth.

They have what I WANT...
but have little hope
of finding.

It is more rare even,
than a Couple
who do not SMOKE,
or even drink regularly....

Who own a PUNK CLUB.


This time it's actually for US.

I'm Tired, but not Sleepy.
Need rest.
Eyes are set deep.

Tugging on a big glass of ice water,
half glad there isn't anything stronger in the House.

But only Half.

G'night Folks.
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