April 22nd, 2005


I'm getting home later...

Have even less to say.


Spent on good times.

(saw the Subs tonight, on a Thursday. Shook my tail feathers
and spilled some lonestar.)

About to be SPENT.

Send the Away Team....
Red Shirts and All.

I should have just gone home.

My after-hours-cab-driver....thought me charming.
Said so.

*head in hands*

I heart Cab Drivers.

A BEERLAND full of a Dozen BUXERS was a strange sight.

Why follow?

But I toddled off.
With Them.
Four of Them.
Back to thier home.

Now to Mine.

*ginger curls and crashes, alarm set for 2:50 PM*

Have my black and whites, set out already.
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    I Can't Touch You Anymore