April 19th, 2005


More, no sleeping....

Or sleeping--at the wrong time.

I've not been using my multiple days off in a row
to my advantage.

Haven't made them, useful....

(I have however seen all the extras from the Incredibles and watched FINDING NEMO
again, in the last several hours--still awake)

((there was a SALE at TARGET last night, when I went in for necessities.))

Yeah...I'm crawling into the cartoon box.

Excuses excuses excuses....to not FIX stuff.


Now I've got SG-1 Season 4 playing......

The exterminators came by around 9:30 AM....
surprised to find me home, and sitting in my futon with a veggie pizza
and a bottle of Spanish Cava...(good cheap champagne)
With Finding Nemo blasting away.

They did their business and scooted out, looking over their shoulders
a little puzzled.

I waved, and was glad I was still in cut-offs and a beater when they knocked....

Don gave me the EYE-BALL when he told me how many days off in a row I had...
BE GOOD he said, and winced. (i heart my boss)

Glad there's work tomorrow.
The stop-gap that I need.

I haven't been good.

I've been bad.

Accomplished NOTHING, and rarely left the flat.

I have to laugh though--it seems everyone in the Universe...
is trying to 'Hook Me Up' with someone.

I got a phone call from a guy one of my favourite Regulars at the BUX
wants me to meet.
A friend of his...
He works the Waxahachie Ren Fest this time of year--but is a Chemist
the rest of the year.

We talked on the phone for a little while, but I had a killer headache--Spring!
And made a joke about my "blog"--he wanted the address.
I gave it to him, haven't heard back.


I won't die if he doesn't call back.

And I won't be surprised.

Even the Unlocked stuff sounds pretty crazy right now.

Would like to hear back from the Scooterboy, though.
Him I'm willing to PAY!

I need a good family mechanic.

*drags fingers through her short hair*


Fuck, I'm a loser.....


Hey--who am I going to HITCHHIKER'S with?

I forget--who has dibs on that one....

It's SOON!!!



"The Sea-Monkey has my money..." -Dory in her sleep

PBS tells me,
there are actually...


in the sea.

*lights a cigarette*

that doesn't
Surprise me.


I miss my Mr Smith.
I can't help it.
I just DO.

He was the Greg to my Dharma,
and the Clown fish...to my Dory.

He, he made me remember things.

I got happy fat.
I lost my edge....

But I only missed it--because he did.



There aren't a lot of fish in the sea.......
and I hope some Aussie dentist's niece
is shaking his bag


Ducks not in a row.
Nothing fixed.

and Tired
and Lonely--
despite the Friends.

I want someone I Love
to lay their hands on me
and heal me........

But that isn't going to happen.

I have to do this myself.


I'm getting older.
Takes longer for ALL the muscles to mend.

::lights another cigarette and glares into the mirror::