April 18th, 2005


Is Lex Left handed...or was it just his Evil Twin?

I hate being tired,
and unable to sleep.

I have shit to do tomorrow.

I'm not hungry,
but I'm hungry.

And thirst.............
*tips a cold vial*

Doesn't quench.

I have to FIX things,
to feel better,

I'm fine--enough to eat, a job, a nice little place to live.
A loving Family.

To slump in the face of all that, is sadly american.

Ginger, slumps.

You know what, I really love smoking.
*tugs on her coffin nail*

It's like HURTING yourself....on purpose.
And the drug kicks in.
Clears your head when you're drinking.


That's why bars are smokey.

That's why we're all so angry--about the ban.

How do you people DRINK, without smoking?

Is the band THAT good?

I don't go to the places I go--for the bands.
(somewhere out there: Randall Stockton,
is shaking his head, sadly.)

I don't give a SHIT about "Live Music in Austin"
I sit and talk with the folks there, to SEE the music.

I fight for them, because they support the environment
that makes me happy.

Alive with people.

So many stories.

Watched a thing on PBS last night with closed caption on,
so I wouldn't wake up my Blue Eyed Boy....

that made me hate to eat
the fish I buy at Central Market.

We're over-fishing the Seas.
We are changing the planet
that we are only
a small part of...

We're killing EVERYTHING.

*lights a cigarette*


How can you ban this.

It's for the Greater Good.


Sober non-smoking humans.............only a few are
making things better.

Most of them--buy coffee at Starbucks at 0'dark thirty..........
in a machine that is eating us all.

(oh right, that's america.)

They use the drive through.

I make them Coffee.

kymical--You're right.
We should just go away.

I'm on board.
we suck.
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