April 16th, 2005


What a DAY!

I did no laundry.


gev is not the EVIL TASK MASTER he markets himself as.

The bastard was simply LOVERLY company all day.
What a Bitch!

We ran some errands, windows down and Ginger basking
with the wind in her short hair,
and no busses involved.
Got my check, cashed it, paid bills and rent, early....

and then we Two sauntered into Central Market.

I was wanting to experiment...
A NEW fish for Ginger!!!

A pile of organic brown rice, bottle of in-house fresh squeezed lemon juice, the
BEST garlic I've seen in AGES...the skin just came off in sheets, and the peel stuck.
A lump of ugly root (ginger is not pretty, but sooo tasty!)
a few fist fulls of asparagus, and a little Sauvignon Blanc that didn't break
the bank--but stole the show. (Rock Rabbit '03)
A daunting MANGO...(I'm still learning how to get that flesh off in strips)
And MY FISH--something I've not had the nerve to play with yet!!!

Monk fish, a little over a pound of it.
Poor-man's Lobster.
An ugly swisher!
What a FACE!!!


It has LONG intrigued me....
Often I have looked into that MAW in the seafood case at CM....
never daring.

Today I DARED!!!

We got back to my little Tree House with our bags of goodies,
and He set to work figuring out the problem with my "White Jewelry".
Blinky Box master that he is.........

I happily tucked myself into my tiny kitchen and went about doing what
brings me MOST joy...
Prep work!!!

I had everything minced and and cracked and broken and sliced.....
The shiny brown grain, percolating in the rice cooker...
The MANGO--well, I can't lie, we even googled for better ways to get into it.
I did OKAY this round. Mostly long thick slivers, and FAR less MUSH
than my last attempt to get around that weird fibrous pit.

They should work like avocados!!!
But they don't....
My little ceramic knife did the job.
But I need something sharper.

*knife envy*

All this to say...

Afraid of my new fish.
I've EATEN it, but never cooked it.

I usually feel like I can work with food I've eaten,
how it will work, respond, intrinsically.

I got it out---Handled it.
It is sooo odd looking.

I had it in my head I would medallion it--
A quick saute in olive oil and the white wine, with the garlic
toss in the ginger
and finally a drizzle of the lemon juice before I pull it of.


But as I began to slice the first long thick round filet,
I couldn't help but wonder what the strange membrane
was going to do when it hit the heat.

I was making enough food for us to have TONIGHT,
and send a box home with him and a box in the fridge for ME
for lunch tomorrow at work....
I was only through ONE of the two huge filets.

Girl in the kitchen
Boy on the Blinky Box.

Hey Gev, google Monk Fish Membrane
and see what you get???

He did.
"Shrinks around the flesh, does not affect flavour--but isn't pretty"
Well, something like that anyway...

I'm cutting it into medallions, it will curl up like SHRIMP!

Put the steamer on the stove, arranged the asparagus on the bottom
and not-too-shabby slivers of Mango on top, put the lid on
and hit the high heat on my shitty electric stove.

Heated my nice new heavy PAN FOR EVERYTHING till it hit spit-n-sizzle
and rolled the olive oil into it, garlic, MONK FISH....Savignon Blanc....
it turned white quickly, tossed in the ginger....
Chop sticks dancing the bits around, turning moving, trying to make
my stooopid electric stove do what I need it to....
drizzle of FRESH lemon juice.

Plated it, with a little bowl for my brown rice mold, dug a hole in the center
for the medallions, drizzled the lemon ginger drippings, arranged the asparagus
on top--crossing...and topped it with the Mango.

The veggies were a little too aldente, but the Mango was perfect.
And the nutty rice and sweet fish flesh......with ginger???

It was

::smiles to herself::

gev seemed to like it too.


I called my Mother on every cell phone the family has, earlier.
After the meal, the phone rang.

I got to wish my Mum
a verrrry happy Birthday.
I told her I'd cooked a birthday meal for Her--
she just didn't get to eat it
because she was in Mississippi!


We had a nice chat....
I could hear Pop in the background
showing Great Aunt Lois, pictures
on his laptop.

I said my hello's to EVERYONE...
And everyone said them back.
I felt warm and loved and Loverly.

Mommers got an AMAZING CAKE...layers
and layers
of decadence.



*happy sigh*

My Familia Rocks.

Gev loaded all kinds of fun music
into my White Jewlery...

We sat and talked and tugged on fruity drinks....

He left me with a hug....

And I thought--

What a LUCKY girl I am....
to have such amazing people
in my Life.

*edit: and yes, somewhere in there...........
I called my
I called THAT
Mr Smith.
Wished him a Happy Birthday too...

remembering Vespaio, last year
but not mentioning it.

he was distracted, but polite and grateful.

Now he's 31.

i can't hate him yet, but i will.
And then.......
I will just "Know of Him".

he seems to want it that way.

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Back from a loooong HOT bath.

So clean.

Gams shaved close...........
Gotta wear a SKIRT to work tomorrow--no work clothes left,


Just figured out I can wear my little black button down Dickies dress.


It meets the standards....sleeves, collar, black on top, black on bottom--Right?


Like they'll send me home?

*laughs HARD*

And my Zut gets back in Town tomorrow night.........

I shaved my legs for the DRESS.)


Long weekend ahead of me....
after 7 PM tomorrow (Saturday)
I don't have to be back at STARBUCKS
until 3 PM on Wednesday.


Time to get the scooter looked at, and
quite frankly--
NOT think about a goddamn thing but ME
for a little while.

(*raises a finger* HUSH!!!!)

I need to get my shit--in some kind of ducklike line.
I''m tired of the drift I've been floating on.

It wasn't water, it was SNOW.


Texas Wild Flowers are pushing
the very LITTER
out of their way,
even at bus stops.

Blue Bonnets, are everywhere.

The sky is clean and high.

Mom said it on the phone tonight--
Good weather for a scooter, isn't it?

Yes, Mom.
It is.

Good Weather to WAKE UP to,
Good Time
to be ALIVE.

are on the cover of THE CHRONICLE
this week........

I think those of you in favour of the ban, will appreciate some of the articles.

I just thing D&R look really fucking COOL
*laughs at herself for being so proud she KNOWS them*
on the Cover.

I love my Queen.
And She was having a GREAT hair day,
hope it shows in the "electric world"
like it does in real INK.

(She's tough as nails, and sweet as a girl drink--though she'd never drink one.
She's what makes me love BEERLAND. Randall is wonderful, but it's the D that
gets to me. She's who I want to be when I grow up. Or grow wise. Whatever happens

((and yeah, skidpoppe I grabbed an extra copy
for You....it's so in the mail.))

(((yes, to your NEW address!!! *laughs*)))


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