April 3rd, 2005


John Paul II...

I remember when he took office, what year was that?
I was sitting on the living room floor of our house in
what may have just become "North Austin",
Sioux Trail.
And not the edge of "Round Rock, Texas".

The City was growing.
Even our mailing address had changed.

My Mother had turned the TV on and sat me down, to watch for the smoke.
The News...I remember being asked to watch the News.

What I remember most, was her telling me: This is History Ginger, pay attention.
You'll want to remember this one day.

She's a Southern Baptist.
A Devoted Christian, but not a Catholic by any count.

Still, she wanted me to be there, when History was made.

As we are all waiting to watch for the smoke again, I am grateful for all the moments...
when she made sure I was paying attention.

That she was always there, to make me watch, and listen.
That she taught me to be aware.
Of the World around me.

That she asked me questions about what I saw, and heard, and understood.

So I can do that on my own, now.

All Grown Up--with my own questions.