March 28th, 2005


Aside from the fact........

That gev broke all but five of the eggs--before we even got started....


I had a really loverly Easter Sunday with the Glenn-ster.

He kept me to task, and the flat is now user friendly again.
Clear and Clean.
The kitchen is SPOTLESS.

There is finally room, a SPACE, to bring the KITCHENAID MIXER home to.

Everything is dusted, tidy, there are open spaces everywhere--
one can actually walk across the floor.

My grandfather's phone table is oiled, as is the dining table.
The stem ware on my martini bar is sparkling.
The chrome ice bucket, shaker, flask, and bar-set are gleaming.

My stuffed Rat Lenny is back on the futon where he belongs.

The computer desk is clear.

The books are--well, they are at least in tidy piles where they have outgrown
the shelves........

I need a bigger place.
OR large baskets hung from the ceiling?

Anyhoo--I feel a thousand times better.

Feels like home.
Feels like a place to have Friends over again.

I planted him on the floor in front of the TV and force fed him Wonder Woman
episodes from my recent purchase of the box setted 1st Season....
and made him make me keep cleaning.

Dinner was simple, but the wine was good.
An easy little shrimp/pesto/steamed asparagus and tri-coloured fussili.......
with a decent bottle of Beaujolais.
(sometimes i love a meal that only requires me to pop a cork
and boil some water.)

We ate on the floor--and I finished and went on with the excavation--
refilling his bowl a second time, with pleasure.

He was a TRUE sport.
Played his role perfectly--and even fixed a couple of things on the 'ole
Blinky Box--before heading off home, up North.

I sent him off with a pound of coffee, a box of green tea, and a mixed box
of TAZO....

(I think he did okay on this deal.)

*grins at gev*

I couldn't have done it without him.



Who's next?
Who wants to come over for dinner NEXT?
The place looks GORGEOUS.