March 16th, 2005


I went OUT.

I watched a Movie,
"The Devil & Daniel Johnston."

And I looked for Ken Liek.
He wasn't there.

So I sat next to a man named James,
who was chewing his nails.

I told James WHY i had sat next to him.........
and while he was away--
Ken Liek sat down in front of me.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek.
was understood.

He sat to my left.

And I saw the film
as I was supposed to.

With Ken.

Because this is Austin.

I was going to stay in bed........

slagmonkey covered my shift tonight as a personal favour.

I had the hang-over shakes and just couldn't face--Starbucks.

But I remembered...I still had a bag of clothes at Mr Smith's house,
and I was pretty sure he was about to skip Austin for an undetermined
amount of time.

I broke down, and called him.

He's bringing them over now.
And leaving tomorrow for a road trip....

He's got stuff to find out there.

and I decided.....not to stay in my PJs
I wanted to--I dunno
when he saw me.


and now that I'm all dressed
and have my little ipod blasting in my ears
from around my neck...

I sorta think I can face the world.
And I'm going to go use my badge after all.

Thanks Dino.
I needed tonight.....I owe you