March 12th, 2005


And Just Like That........

I feel alive again.

*puzzles for a moment*

I need more me time, than I'm willing to take, it seems.
OR maybe it's the crowd.

CL.ONE was horrid.
My first film of the "Season"--and it was one hundred twelve minutes of:
oh. my god. if he weren't sitting RIGHT there...I'd have walked out
30 minutes ago.

There was a Q & A afterwards.......but we all ran out.
Those of us who STILL think it's rude to WALK OUT during the film


It was THAT bad.

Folks walked out on a film that was written, directed, produced, edited...and also
a guy sitting THERE.


I felt bad for him.
I stayed.

i didn't laugh too loud..........
it wasn't a comedy.

i stayed.


But the Dude did it under 25 grand and it was filled with GREAT special effects....

*tugs collar*

Sorry, Dude.


Much mucking about at the FILM OPENING PARTY....
Way much.


Luke Wilson?

Unbothered by the the Austin mass.....and polite when I scooted past him to get
another beer.


(yes, he's cuter in person.)

Spent most of the night with Nathan Zellner and Tamara and Wiley Wiggens.
Chip Tait showed, as did Eric Pontius and his gal Meredith mit chum Carolyn.

I feel like an ass.........because everyone keeps asking me WHY i have a badge.

In the old days, before Mr Smith.......I didn't actually KNOW any film people.
The question never came up.

I just played along.............


Now I have to own up to my Hacker presence.

Mr S doesn't have a badge, despite the fact that he worked on the Townes Van Zandt
Doco, and did green screen work on the Flaming Lips video.

HE should have one, not me.


But a big ole ass having fun.

Must sleep--waking up at 9 to catch the bus downtown....
Must see a few films before work at 2:45 PM tomorrow!!!!

Heading in for the Shorts at the Alamo, at 11 AM.


i'm in heaven.

So Shoot Me.