March 11th, 2005



I get the badge tomorrow on my lunch break.
Scurry back for a few more hours making the JOE--and then I am unleashed at 4pm
to start the Festivities!!!!


No sleep for the Ginger--for the next week or so...
OH--but my dear BOSS still hasn't posted the schedule
for next week.

It's all in the air.

(heh, but part of me keeps, I could live on two grand
for a looooooooong time. ^_^)

I'll take pictures.
I may even drag the blinky box along.......
It has a camera too!
(you weasels need to get one!!! I have almost NO ONE to chat all future-like

Can't believe I have to be at work at 8 am.

But delighted I'll be out before the sun sets..........


I bribed the other shift to let me off EARLY--I HAVE MY BADGE!!!
Though an early start, I am hoping to cram all I can in even with tonight's
limited viewing (AND THE FILM PARTY, it's at Buffalo's again this year!!!)

Going to catch Clone at the Convention center (ACC) at 6 PM, and follow my nose
from there......


::ginger goes running off::