March 9th, 2005


I've been remyth.........



In my telling, of the loverly time I had Sunday evening at the ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE
viewing of THE MUPPET MOVIE.

It was a sing-along.

*happy sigh*



I had a shitty day.
I got out of work fairly early--and Mr S and I made the 7 pm showing.

He dropped me off in front to grab tickets,
while he parked.
And there was already a line of folks
who had purchased theirs online previously.......

I should have known.
This is Austin after all?

We won our entrance ONLY because a friend/coworker of his--Dearest LUCY!
was in line high enough, and simply bought ours for us without asking....
(Dude, I SO got her back!)

It was 7 there were actually a few children there!!!
But they were with their parents who were children like US--
so they weren't nasty little children.
They were little PEOPLE!


(this is AUSTIN after all...)

Since the improvisational sing-along that WAS the 20th anniversary of GREASE...
(and it paled in comparison)
I have not FELT this kind of connection with a Theater audience.

I know the lines by heart........but I hadn't seen it in a Theater since 1979.
I hadn't seen it in a long long time--anywhere.

And in the moment, in the mood, in the crowd--it was even MORE than I remembered.

ME and the guy sitting to the right of me
(who for all the world LOOKED like a jock
button down ass hole, WITH the hair-cut)
sang at the top of our lungs, didn't miss a beat.
Beat the lines being strung across the bottom of the screen--cuz they were off...
And were, were THERE.

When the MCs introduced it (a couple, the "Mrs" a 6 or 7th month pregnant diva dressed as Kermit!!!!
TRULY tooooo cute for words, her belly sticking out under
her green T-shirt.)
they asked us a few trivia questions:

(I got one.)



Not "Jack".

(Jack not name, Jack JOB!)

Mr Smith gave me that look that makes me melt--he was warming up to it all.
(Not so irked, now, that we hadn't gone to see the DEEP THROAT making-of)

And the story...........

Remember the STORY?

It is truly, the twisted tale told and retold within the tale...........
of Jim and Frank.
Of Kermit and Fozzie.

The Magik.

How it all happened.

I know--I know...I KNOW.
It happened JUST like that.

Go out now.
RENT it.
See it again.

It's still a powerful powerful film.

Write your own ending....Keep believing, keep pre-tending
(fun to take that last word apart etymologically, ain't it?)

All that is Noble, and worth Being....


(And--there are SO many jokes you didn't GET
in nineteen seventy-nine.)

Just to hear a whole THEATER full of people, singing those songs--
with all their heart.

It does a girl GOOD.
It Did.