January 24th, 2005


What an Incredible Weekend...

Thursday night Mr Smith and I went tho the Wrap Party @ The Whisky Bar
for Scott Biggs' short Hills Like White Elephants...

We enjoyed the short, and ran into several friends that we knew.
I was suprised to find that Mr Smith and Mr Biggs already knew each other
from The Austin Music Co-op! (Mr S plays trombone, Mr B plays bassoon)

More on that later...

I gotta wrap this up before I go to work--and there is SO much...

Nice brunch with Mr Smith in the morning on Friday and then off to work...
it was going to be a long night because of shorthandedness--but we were
gifted an extra hand from Powers that Be and things were running along
briskly but smoothly....

When the phone rang.
And my Father asked me what my social security number was...
I told him, and politely disengaged from the conversation to get back to work.

That evening...a couple of hours before our 11 PM close....

My Mother and Father walked in the door at Starbucks #3286

Both grinning.

And handed me a small metal plate with numbers, and TX, and moped
stamped into it.


I screamed and ran around the counter--everyone froze and turned.
Customers and BUXers alike.

I was too busy hugging and squealing and clutching my scooter license plate
to my chest...to care.

My Mom and Pop had driven all the way from Waxahachie...

having received the paper-work I'd sent them in a last ditch effort to make sense
of the CHOW debacle. Mom had put her magik into final motion and in a series of
verrry near misses--had managed to clear the last of the red tape away...
And Pop had gotten the phone call to rush the extra cash to her at the title office
in Waxahachie just minutes before they were to close for the weekend--passing her
a twenty dollar bill from the window of his car while she was waiting on the corner.
There had been no time for him to PARK!!!

But the two of them had done it.
Down to the wire....

So their Daughter would not have to wait another weekend....
for her Scooter.

*lump in my throat*


That was the last of it folks.
It's mine.
It's street legal.
All is paid for and finalised.

CHOW is a GO now.

They had driven 3 and a half hours that night--just to see my face
when they handed it to me.

A cheer went up around the little drive through on IH-35 and Oltorf!!!

Coffee all around....


My Folks rented a hotel room across the street, and in the Morning on Saturday
Mr Smith and I took them out to Brunch....

Then they headed home.

Mr Smith and I went to a PetCo...
and he baught a little Siberian Dwarf Hamster with all the trimmings--
and we took her home and named her "Mrs Bojangles"

And we went to the scooter shop and I bought a shiny black half helmet,
a nice thick rope lock, and clear black rimmed Cat-eye glasses/goggles .


More on this later too...

I closed Saturday night--and then He and I went out for a little bevy at Casino's...
the scooter still undriven, but plated and waiting at home.

It was freezing that night.
See....it went and got ZER cold here, after weeks of balmy weather....
When I got my Plates.


We had Sunday off together...and shared a lazy morning at his house, playing
with our little one and making omelets.

Then we decided to celebrate in the style of all good americans....
and spend the day as CONSUMERS!!!

I grabbed a little of my now nested X-tra cash...and he grabbed his credit card.

We went to FRY'S. (our huge technology warehouse/dork Disneyland up North)


Mr Smith got a little ELF digital camera....
and I
*grins at ximeria*
bought the 4th Season of SG-1!

We even stopped at OLD NAVY *shudder*
and I spent 20 whole dollars on a new work shirt.

It is difficult for me to...part with that sort of cash
for a SHIRT
after years
of ummm... "thrifty-ness"

(Mr Smith was sorta proud of me...*giggles*)

It's a great shirt.
Black, fitted stretchy button down oxford.
I've always wanted one.

Then we returned to his house, where he played with his new toy, and we
took pictures of Mrs Bojangles...

Finally leaving for my place, where I put on the first DVD of Stargate
and the two of us sat down at my Blinky Box so he could teach me how to
post pictures again.

I get it now.
I can take a picture, get it out of the camera, get it into my "place" online...
and then post it to LJ on my new client.


There will be MANY pictures soon--so far I have simply not had time to play with them.
OR even take a pic of CHOW!


What a weekend.

I'm free.

I have a card for Mr Smith's dentist, up north...who is an old School chum of his.
They take my SBUX insurance.
*happy sigh*
I can make an appointment now, and take myself.

I can go anywhere I want to--point A to point B.
On MY time....at Will.


that concept is only NOW settling into my brain.

I have to get ready for work now...it's a chilly afternoon and will be dry
but freezing tonight when I get off at 10:30 pm.

(of cooooooourse it will.)

But I don't care.
I'm going to don my new black shirt, with my slightly new black slacks--
layer my wool sweater under my leather jacket...and wrap my neck up in the
dear old kaffia it has been too warm to wear this winter.
I will wear my Power Puff Girl gloves.

I will drive myself to where I need to go.

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