January 14th, 2005


When Days Start out this relaxed and Productive.....

They nearly ALWAYS end in chaos at work.

So I am trying to enjoy it before I get on the Bus to the Green Siren Universe.

Went to CM and picked up some fresh veggies to steam from my dinner tonight.
I need more cold crunchy things to nibble on at work.
Those pastries are making it difficult to get into my favourite clothes.
I figure a nice big plastic container with sweet potato chunks and brussle sprouts
and snap beens in the walk in will do nicely.

Also picked up some nice canned soups (lentil and a chicken & wild rice) and whole grain WASA crackers to stick in my locker for emergencies. I have been toddling across the street for hot-dogs too much lately. My body really isn't used to this kind of treatment.

I feel icky.

Got some organic candied ginger for Diana--she's been eyeing the overpriced packages of the overprocessed chocolate dipped variety at work on the "Valentine's Day" display for days now...

And some wasabi peas for everyone to nibble on.

Lots of fresh greens and fruit and juice in my fridge now, and even a little container of "soy cream" to try in my coffee....Have a pot of our new Guatemalan finishing up just now, to try it with!

(i know, WAY to much caffeine in my universe--but what is a girl to do...)

Mineral water, limes, yummy stuff....

Got through my tiff with Mr Smith.
It's funny....I always THINK I know what we are arguing about.
But I rarely do.

I am glad that after ten months of knowing him, we can still find ways to talk through the surface and find out what the dissonance is actually rising from.

Each time, I feel closer to him.

Still amazed every day, when I wake up to this wonderful man.

(this may all sound small to those of you who do not know me well...but I have never had a relationship last this long--without hidden resentment and private plans of escape. I don't really play as well with others as I would like to claim. I'm breaking life-time records with this guy--left and right.)

And on the SCOOTER front:

Mommers went off and Kicked her usual ass.
Got her hands on the guy who originally owned the scooter shop
that went out of business.
HE has now contacted DAZON himself to have the title corrected in MY name.

New Paper work...forth coming.

*crosses fingers*

There's HOPE

*sighs smiling*

And I finally understand the *nod nod wink wink* from the nice lady...
She was trying to say that I needed to get it taken care of OUTSIDE of Texas.
And it would be easier.
But she couldn't come right out and say that.
The laws are different in Arizona.

Well....I best get ready for work.
Gonna be a long Friday night I feel.
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Oh yeah.......

Here's a bigger pick of Ginger's "Eddie Sedgwick" phase...

Circa 1991.

Cuz someone asked....

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