January 7th, 2005



Still making phone calls to wind up the last loose ends for the Scoot-Scoot....
I'm shooting for TUESDAY as the final pile of paperwork and red tape "Day"



I have taken Tuesday off, and have made arrangements to borrow Mr Smith's car that morning and afternoon to run the final errands that will transfer title and get PLATES on the damnable thing!

Then I'm FREE!!!!


At last.


Now, I'm going to make some tea...anybody want a cup of ZEN?

Oooh--Found out the Sumatra Coffee donation of 2$ a pound is actually company wide!
Annnnnd as of today we will be accepting donations at register for Tsunami relief!
It is my understanding that SBUX will be matching them, but don't quote me on that--I get the official briefing this afternoon.

But, Cool!
I feel good about this.

And thanks for the messages Jillian!!!
Wish I had been here--but the one with the sirens made me giggle....

Oh--so everybody knows I can now receive phone calls even when I'm online, right?!