January 4th, 2005


I've been away too long!!!

I am trying to catch up on everyone...and it is overwhelming.

But I have all night, and I plan to take several swings at it.....

My little Universe is puttering along nicely.

New Years was fun, but I was exhausted...
We attended the Annual Zellner's Party--and Mr Smith did his usual bit
by playing Baby New Year at the stroke of Midnight, complete with adult diaper
and a his trombone
on which he played Auld Lang Sign while tugging his not-so-dependables up!
It was fun.........

Later that night I got my second wind and NAILED "Bangkok City"
on the Karaoke machine........My first successful experience with the "Empty Orchestra".


The Scooter is almost worked out.
It is in my possession, is now both insured AND inspected mit sticker...
Now I need only receive the final paper work from Mom in the mail to take to the DPS(?)
(DMV!--I still get called a Californian when I miss speak) and get my plates.

Will spend this evening on my X-mas present-to-myself-DSL...
looking for a leopard print half helmet!

Got another raise at work...

Having made it through the Hell-a-daze with my reputation there intact...
(see: did not kill ANYONE!)
The 42 hundred dollar days have slowed to 23 hundred dollar days--
and I am happy to have the time to regroup, organise, and quite frankly...
RELAX a bit.

Got two new gals on board--Laura and our THIRD Jessica!
Looking forward to them both.

But sadly we are all saying good-bye to Tasha--our red-head
has decided to return to California after all.

And Rene--our adorable Sports enthusiast, has finally found the teaching job he was looking/waiting for.
(yow--I would like to have had HIM as a gym teacher in High School!!!)

Both leaving us this week.

They will be missed.
I will miss them both, so much.
We started this whole thing together six months ago--from scratch.
Each of us lending our own little Something to the mix.

And now, a place on the IH-35 Highway, that could have been little more than a drive through corporate module...
is a warm place where people can stop in and feel welcome.

I think we are All proud of that--and it is difficult to let go of ANY of our

Thank-you Tasha, I learned a lot from you.
And I do not say that to many 21 year old women.
I really don't.

And Rene--*HUGE HUG* I still never know what the hell you are talking about, but you could get me worked up about it anyway!
You will be an amazing Teacher. In so many ways.
I have much respect and affection for you. Your enthusiasm is infectious--and your heart is ENORMOUS.
And I don't say that to many athletes......
*laughing hard*
I really don't.

The Year seems to be opening well.
With a peppering of closings....


And it doesn't hurt that I'm still Knocking boots....with Baby New Year!

9 months deep...can you believe it?

And when we were all leaving...after Christmas with my Folks....

*my heart is still thumping at this*

MY MOTHER said to Mr Smith's Father:
Next time you should drive here directly from Houston, it would be a lot faster
and easier for you.


One sentence.

And so much, so much said.
Because I was standing RIGHT there.

For the first time in my life.......she thinks THIS ONE....
will make it.

And I cannot WAIT to see.......his Gold Medal.