Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Letter to Boss, I never see:


I am wildly aware that a great deal has been placed on your proverbial "Plate" of late...
I have been reticent to contact you about my own issues because the big picture is of course of most importance at the moment. But sometimes, when you don't air the laundry? *laughing* Well... it just gets wrinkled and smells like sour vegetables.
I don't want to smell like sour vegetables. (@)___(@)

For the first time ever, during ACL, I found myself unable to drive my Pop to MD Anderson in Houston for his cancer treatments (this happens every 90 days). It was a black out period for requests off, and I completely understood. I came into this job knowing there would be times I would not be able to do exactly what I wanted.

They made it without me, took two days driving back and stayed in a hotel. Mum can't really drive for more than an hour or so with her gimpy "bionic" shoulder, and Pop feels icky after the treatments. But they made it, and it was fine.

But I lost my Sundays. Greg was trying to figure out what to do with his new opportunity, and I know you are looking at a pile of scribbles from all of us about schedule... Sunday was SO important to my mental health. *sigh* I LOVE THIS JOB, I even enjoy being TWILIGHT shift... but it does take away from being around OTHER PEOPLE. Sunday was ONE day I could spend with my best friend Daniel, who has an 8-4 Mon-Fri job...
AND it was a day I could set out on the road for Waxahachie. Be there by mid morning when I got off my Saturday overnight shift--and go to Church with my Family. That has always been important to me.

I don't need EVERY Sunday off.
And I don't need it RIGHT AWAY.
I just need to the future, at some point?
I can have a semblance of my life back.

I've been in the service industry for nearly a quarter of a century, because I LOVE PEOPLE. I love being around them, making them happy, and soaking up all the energy they provide. THIS is a rather isolated position. I miss....People.
I'm almost always alone on my shifts, and then when I get off? Everyone I know is either
heading into work at their "Normal" jobs, or fast asleep.

I go to bed at 1PM, alarm goes off at 9pm.

Sunday, with a Monday off after it?
I can stay up all day... Spend time with the people I love? And then crash.
Ready to be alert and shiny at work, Tuesday night. ^___^

You have my email, now, Christopher.
If there is ever anything that you want me to 'work on' or that you are not happy with?
I really want you to let me know. I have almost ZERO contact with any of my relevant managers/Talent Coaches? I was trained for two weeks, and then left on my own to figure the rest of it out. I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out...but sometimes?

Well, I just feel left out.
And uninformed.

My training on the 30th?
I'm not complaining about the time (9AM to 2PM) or even the meeting later that day...
(At 3:30PM) on my day off...
Nope, but I will complain a bit about the fact that I don't even know what it IS.
What should I wear? Do I come in Uniform? Where IS IT, WHAT IS IT???
I mean, I am not trying to be difficult--honestly I am not--but this is blind.
I get a date and a time?

Everyone else, can ask HR on shift......
Me, I have to be awake at an awkward time OFF the clock and come in and ask.

I have done this for other similar...STUFF.
I just want a line, to someone, someone in charge who will tell me what all of this means.
I just want to be informed.
I'd like that to be YOU.

I assure you, my dear adorable Ginger-Ale drinking TALENT COACH?
I am a Team Player.
I love this game.

And this, this is one of the VERY best teams.....
I have ever played for.

~IRD Ginger

(this is addressing something on the wall, left blind. And he's a fancy man, who won't mind me calling him adorable *laughing* Or Fancy.)
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