Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

This is the better Place...

I did a bad version of this on Facebook in a note.
Why don't I just come HERE.

*head in hands*

Remember how I was fired from Z-Tejas on the 28th, 1998?
Matt Dodson was on Family leave because he was having a little girl...
He and his wife, were having a little girl.

The guy (lord, if I could remember his name) who was managing the NORTH store
came to sub him out. Stand in. Take his place for a bit...
*grinds teeth*
He was a coke head and a bastard. I suppose the two go hand in hand.

One of our girls that afternoon did something wrong.
And that son of a... *head in hands*
He undressed her verbally in front of the entire kitchen and wait staff.
It was busy.

I had TWO things on my mind when I went at him.
I said them both.

"She's in the bathroom crying now, and not serving her tables. HOW?
How did what you just did HELP the situation?"

Are you telling me how to MANAGE?

"Yes, she's completely undone now and won't be worth shit!
HOW was what you just did now GOOD MANAGEMENT? Talk to her after the SHIFT!"

You can leave NOW.
he said.
And I turned on my heal and said

"No I cannot. My food is up, and this is a restaurant."

I took my food to my tables and the day continued.

The next day I came in...
Matt was back.
Our REAL manager.

I worked through lunch...
and then he took me to the fish bowl.
That queer little place made of glass.
And he told me I wasn't..."Up to Speed"

I stood and shook his hand, looked him DEAD in the eyes.
"Thank you for being so honest with me"
He cringed a bit... he should.

I got on the Dillo (free bus back then) and went to Lovejoys.
Where my friends poured me proper pints of Guinness...
And Bill patted my head.

We drank until I was silly.....
and Bill took me home.

He and I were having another drink, when the phone rang.
I had a crappy phone. It just was hung up when it was sitting on something.
No one in my world had a cell phone yet. It was 1998.

Bill says my legs went out from under me like water.

It wasn't what she said.
It was the moment I realised who she WAS.

She said: Blanche
and I thought: MY FRIEND FROM 4th GRADE!
and then she said Sherer.

and i knew what that meant.

I had always known...I think.
That I would get this phone call.

My knees went to water, Bill says.
But I finished the conversation with his Mother.
I wrote some things down.

And then i just dissolved.

I didn't come up for air for a long long time.

I can breathe now.
And when I rolled over 'awake' this morning...hung over
at 10:30 AM?

The first thing I thought about....was the strangest most wonderful...

Some little girl?
She just had a 14th Birthday.

THAT was what I woke up to in my head.

I smiled, I grabbed my little shiny phone
I called the man who saved my life after the wreck...
and I told him JUST THAT--he said I made his day.

Made my day too.

I forgot that part, for FOURTEEN YEARS.

Matt's little girl?
She just turned 14.
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