Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Time after Time

There must be absolutes.
Things, things that cannot break.

I have two
I have always kept.

ALWAYS refill the ice tray.

ALWAYS replace the toilet tissue.

It's like a work-out.
The muscles are know.
Two simple things, that with a gun to your head--you will still do.

I do them,
and I fear the gun..... but I have practised.

When real things surface, there is a place in you that never broke.

There must be a place in you, that NEVER broke.
Otherwise, you just dive to the point of survival.

We're just mammals.
Ani-Mal that's fun to take apart in Latin.

We know what we are. We've known it for a long time.
It is rising ABOVE that...

That makes us alien, and Human.

So stupid, the things I chose.
Elemental. Just a toilet paper roll, and ice.

It keeps me from doing BAD things.
I have done something ALWAYS.

There is a place inside me that can call...

This idea is usually taken by Religion.

It is easier for me, to fill ice trays with water...
than believe a man once walked on it.

We are Human.
Wild hairless monkeys changing the very rock they live on.

We have no religion any more.
We lack, absolutes.

First world, damaging WHOLE world.

Just to chose a THING, and ALWAYS do it.
To exercise that muscle?

My parents taught me to believe.
And I do.
There is always HOPE.
Prayer works.

I don't align myself with their ideas of GOD....
But I know they are on the right rail.

hairless monkeys UNITE!
But more importantly?
Find something. No matter how common?
And just do it ALWAYS.

We need that muscle.
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