Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink


I very nearly do not know how to use this any more.

I have to POKE it with a pointed stick.....because I know
it has recorded sooooo much.

I know what it is, has been, became......
and weirdly enough has become again?

It is, a decade of leaves turning...
it is what I loved about it FIRST, again.

No one is looking.
I mean...when I started writing, no one was looking.
I didn't know how to lock things, I just wrote.
It was my "Talking Journal" shy, sly, this PLACE.

You talked back,
for the first time.
I thought on a page.....
and sometimes
people talked back!

Mark, you were the first,
the first to respond on LJ.

come on, G, remember how to do that?
the html that was necessary?

I don't, I can't. The html I learned on a toshiba laptop,
and then on the MAC that Zutroy gave me???

I used to keep the instructions written and taped above my machine.
So I could do the stuff to make my words and an occasional picture possible.

I've lost my LJ skills.
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