Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Christmas On 6th Street...

December hurts the worst.
Not sure why.
But no one comes during the day.

Empty, hours at a time.


I get a bit down, rent is hard to make, I've hit my savings up...

Frap asked me to make him a pirate hat.

My bartender and manager, asked me to make him a pirate hat.

I grabbed a Chronicle from the stack and went at it with scissors and a stapler.

Seemed it wouldn't stay on his head...
I pulled a few rubber bands out of the till and tied knots to keep them from slipping
(out of the other knots and the staples)

He looked rather fine.
He had a chin strap, and a huge FRILL of paper fringe I had curled on scissor edge.


The kitchen manager, in this time of no people and no business.... he saw the hat.
he said.

I took my scissors and my stapler and went to work.

His was a bit larger, so it fitted down around his ears with the rubber band straps,
but on top were two tiny fans, EARS! He was the panda. He had the Panda hat.

Sabrina the prep cook and rock star and wonderful little young red headed lady all around...
Well she did not want a hat.
SHE wanted a headdress!

I folded the Chronicle long ways and went back to measure her head.
Her head was larger than the Chronicle, and we should not be surprised.
I attached rubber bands with careful staples. It fit.
I built fans of Chronicle and jangley pieces of paper clip strings, swirls of ribboned Chronicle
it dripped to one side, I liked it.
She liked it.

She wore it all night.
So did the Kitchen manager.

and Pirate.

You know
I don't make a lot of money.
I pretty much live at what America considers poverty.

Under 20 grand?

I have a roof.
A warm bed.
I eat better than most (shop local and cook for yourself)

And I work at a job that lets me make hats...
when we are sad and bored.

Christmas was invented to get us through these dark months.
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