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I usually leave when I drive up to Waxahachie on my Sunday after work...
on Tuesday evening.

I stayed.
I stayed the night, left after coffee late that next morning.
Drove 175 miles to work.

The day was dead. Didn't clear 40 bucks folding-cash on leaving at 9 PM.
Maybe the credit card tabs will save me tomorrow? I had five still open.

I went to the SIDE BAR.

A guy in a black shirt with white text that said: NO I WON'T FIX YOUR COMPUTER
sat down, with a fag--I was sitting alone too. I looked the whole place over and.....
NO body I knew.

I tugged on my almost free Guinness and walked over.......


I hate sitting alone to smoke, I thought I'd know someone out here.........
I like your shirt.


We talked for an hour.

HIs Pop, my Pop, the car that flipped on a Dallas freeway......his Pop walked away.
All the things you need to say to a your Father.
When the question comes.

No one is ready.

I talked about the man I watched be buried.
My love, HIS Father.

We talked at length of FAMILY.

How men with jobs like our own Father's
could take so much from a family, they nearly lose them.

But still they stood.

Rick and Charles and Ginger.........
Our Parents never left each other.

He has six years under his belt, this Rick I met.
He's shooting for what his parents have.

I hugged him and wandered down the path of that ilk of 6th...

There was a Tarot man.

There is never a reader on the Street.

The candle staid lit, the wind was hard.
I handed him six dollars for the five he asked for.

I sat down.
He read my cards, they were tiny bent cards.
Not a deck I knew.

I was read.

I watched the candle go out, as he read.
The wind........

All the cards were down.

He told me my Story,
did not look up
for my face.

He didn't look to see if he was right.

I knew the layout.
I knew the pattern.

I was shocked.

strange, all the cards are positive.
he said.

I handed him another five.
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