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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

This 'Dog' is no Spring Chicken...

May 8th, 2009 (02:42 pm)

One week at The Southern Cross Dude Ranch, and I am a shell of my former self.
Beat, bent, sunburned and nearly unable to make a fist.


(I gotta tell you folks, this is much harder than I remember it being in the 90's at OPSC!!!)

The Event Center itself is gorgeous, and HUGE.
Everything from horseback riding, swimming, basket ball, soft ball, volley ball, "rock climbing"
paddle boats and ping pong--to a petting zoo a craft center and a playground with all the amenities.

Dinning room that seats a thousand, with a nice sized stage
and room for a kids "Bounce House"!

My Tyrannical kid-brother CHEF CRAIG has exhausted me as a resource
in every sense of the word. ^_^

I have prepped and swept, and scrubbed, and served and loaded and unloaded trucks
for the three OFF SITE catering gigs we have hosted to the tune of over a 1,000 folks.
As well as the in house parties of 600 or more.

I can barely wiggle, my Friends.
I am having fun, yes, but I take great comfort in the knowledge that this is only for a month.
Any more....

Would KILL me.