Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

I am still facinated by the simplest things this machine will do...

I may never really get over that, at least I hope not.
It is good to be awed and delighted by what others may find mundane.

Joy is often its own vanity.


My Cassandra is an aging beauty...

But still a Cougar.


Thank-you always, zutroy--you not only kept me online
with this birthday gift those years and years I could stay in contact with you?
You gave me the gift of THE KOOLAID, I drank deep.
MAC girl forever now.


I remember when I was awed by people who posted PICTURES to LJ,
what mad genius they must have???
Now even I can do it.
But of course that the neoluddite is now watching
HOME MOVIES from friends, with a click.

I remember when you had to plug into a phone line
if you took your laptop anywhere...
Now you can walk down the middle of Congress Avenue and pick up
free WiFi from the City and all the Bars.

I can talk, TALK, for free...on my computer
to Sweden.
And all the many many many real time words that have gone between me
and my friends both abroad and two miles down the road, on iChat?

I'm sorry folks, it still baffles me.
Delights me.

I have a photo of me and one of my best friends, he was my boyfriend at the time...
We had our picture taken in a photo booth.
He found one shot so charming, he took it to a photo shop (when it was a PLACE
not a function) and had it enlarged and printed up.
It cost a small FORTUNE.
It was a mad decadence.

That was 1993.

Now my Father has a set up, where he can put pages of photo quality paper into
a machine by his knee....blow up anything and print it like it was nothing.
He's a photographer, I wanted to emulate his enthusiasm.

Took it in school, 9th grade--Kubasaki High, Okinawa.
I hand shook my film...we didn't have a machine to do the shaking.
Unrolled it onto the spool in a 'black-bag', after cracking the canister open
with a pointed church key, my hands in the black bag...feeling around.

Once shaken, twice stirred, the rest I tended to wing...though I was supposed to have
studied time and aperture. Whatever, I would take my negatives into our dark room
(School only had the money for Black and White) Put them into the big thingy (yes
I was a bad bad student--but I will tell you this, I won a LOT of contests for a C student
in that class) that shines light through the negatives. I would have my emulsified paper
sticky side down FIRST. Focus everything, get it ready, turn everything off and flip
the light sensitive paper over--and HIT THE BUTTON. I just sort of KNEW when to
shut it off.

I should have studied more.
But every time I put it through the liquids, watched it come into being, stopped it
and washed it....I saw what I wanted to see. Even with burning, that I got good at...
What a lot of wonderful work?

I can do all of that, from the Blinky Box.
No shaking.

It has been 22 years since I was in a darkroom, and I am sure I have lost
whatever it was my youth and spirit offered this soon forgotten art....
I do miss film.

But I cannot help but be dragged in, even with my little point and shoot old digital
Kodak Pop got for me years ago. Manipulation, in many many made easier

I am still, the chubby guy nine laps behind his P.E. class on the track
sweat V'd on his shirt
huffing and puffing to catch up.......unwilling to quit trying.

I want to understand all of this.
I will, I will catch up.

It is all so wonderful.

This is what my Pop meant, when he handed me my first computer, a Toshiba laptop,
and asked me To Join the Universe. It was my 30th birthday.


That was nearly 8 years ago.
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