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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Rough Night, at Opal Divine's Penn Field...

May 11th, 2008 (02:10 am)

I worked THIS: Party.


I know some of Jennifer Kim's politics have rubbed folks wrong,
but what she has done for affordable housing and other causes quite close to my heart
I cannot help but commend her.
I um...didn't VOTE for her, (sorry Jen) but...

It was very nice to meet her, and her Mother...
She was gracious and kind to the staff (me and Clarke) and stood
through the entire party.

We had the big screen pulled down in the Scotch Room for them,
and the handful of well wishers who showed up.

It was a MUCH smaller party than the 70 people suggested by the reservation.
News 8 covered it--I was on TV tonight if anyone was watching. *hee*

She drinks dirty gin martini's, slowly, doesn't eat the olives--and STANDS.
I like her.

(this is fun even if only for the Austin shots of local icons...(((Emo's and such)))

I voted for Randi.
She won.

Jen's Mum got the tab, she tipped well over 20%
and worried that things hadn't gotten paid for
by other guests... I assured her, they had.

I hope she and her daughter have a nice time at Dim Sum in the morning...
(what Ms Kim said she was doing with her Mother for Mother's day)
They were nice people.