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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Oi. Thursday...

March 13th, 2008 (01:14 pm)

I am just not good at getting things done online,
I really am a face to face or at the very least--voice to voice--sort of gal.


I'm certain you all would have gotten through my list much faster.

As it stands, the easiest part of my day was the electric company.
Filled out the online form, I have good history, they sent me a response within hours
with an account number attached.
Austin Power, YEAH BABY!

Fueled by my success
I decided to do the phone/internet AT&T thing online.
When I was done the tallied cost was double what I had been paying.
DO NOT put in cart, DO NOT check out!
CALL a PERSON, no matter how long it takes...
Always better, when I wait for a real person.

I got a loverly Human whose name was, alas, unpronounceable to me
and I did not confirm it--for fear of sounding like an ass.
My Bad, I should have asked again anyway--because even in this context
I would love to credit her by name.

She not only set me up, and tried her DAMNEDEST to get my old number back...
(the old one I had for 8 years)
she joked with me about Austin, moving expenses, and after I said: Wow.
I'm just a waitress, I cannot imagine what a pain your job must be dealing with folks...

She figured out how to knock an additional 20 bucks off what my previous package was
without changing my services. I've never paid this little for so much. ^_^

Hurraaaaaaay HUMANS!

Then I wrote a check for the Lien Sharks--who are actually not too shabby
on the 'Human' front as it goes for collection agencies...
I enclosed a hand written note informing them of my upcoming address change,
while assuring them I could still get mail from the previous address
as my friend and room-mate would still be there. How could I change this officially?

I eyed the little piece of lined blue paper with handwritten ink and thought:
They are going to think I am nuts.
But their collection card they send me each month is hand written...so maybe not.
Plus, heh, it does say NEUROSURGERY on the For line.

Got almost all the way to the mail-box before thinking: Did I write APRIL or MARCH
as the date??? *ginger rips open the envelope*


March back up three flights of stairs, RE-WRITE another check
poorly tape it up into envelope provided.

Oh yeah, NUTS...that poor poor little brain damaged girl, they will think
when they open my odd little letter...... Ah well, they have been kind on the phone.

Phone/Internet, Electric, and Brain
sorted out for the moment.

I have decided to stop by the post office just next door to work tomorrow, before I start
my evening shift. I don't have to FIND that post office, I know where it is.


Something FUN?

Maybe stay home and play today, not spend money, dream about my Tree House.

Well, I've very nearly joined the 20th Century!
Maybe in a few years, I'll join the 21st.