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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Strange Days.

August 26th, 2007 (01:29 am)

9 waiters and two tables.

I got cut early tonight.

Saturday night...and FLUG-TAG going on.........
jammed up the whole bridge.

I made it to Casino El Camino.
Watched the better part of a Spanish Art Film....
before wandering off.

Went to the "Side Bar"
Megan was working, and all alone.

Sun was still up.
Sad Saturday with all that was going on
on the bridge?

Did a shot of Kentucky Bourbon and took a glass of LoneStar.

A neighbor of hers came in, Herman.
And found me interesting.

We sat out back, and talked about Austin.
We smoked.
He's about 6 years younger than my Father.

I told him why I came back here.
The way it smelled on that Halloween night in 1978.

He moved here in 1976 too, but he was more aware than a 6 year old.

He offered to save me.
After i unloaded my tale.


He liked my stories, he told me I was the spirit of Austin.....

He made offers.

He just wanted to help.

I drank the beer he bought me, and left.
I didn't take numbers.

As I walked up to EMO's............
Dave was hauling stuff in.

He set his burden down and hugged me.
Asked me how I was.

I told him: fair to middlin'
I asked:

Hey, can you get me in???

(see, usually a 5 or 8 dollar cover at EMO's these days on a Saturday night)

I guess I should have recognised the huge busses outside....
But Red River Street is just so much baggage to me now.

Dave just grinned, set down his load....
and told the gal at the door to REALLY let me in.


She took a machine out, hand held, and did something to my left wrist.

I was staring at it, when Dave said: Naw, it's cool--it's because of the show.

EMO's stamps used to be INDIA INK, and impossible to remove.

Now they are scanned into your flesh, if someone is important enough.

I didn't know about THE SHOW.

Perry Ferrel played EMO's tonight.

I just wanted in to pee.

I really, just wanted in to pee.

Seriously, that's just a place that has always been open to me.

I found myself in the EXACT same spot I saw BECK in 1994.
Just after Johnny Cash had played SXSW.
(I stood on the shelf for BECK)

The best spot.

To my right was a woman who couldn't stand without a cane.
She and her friend had been given the premo couch, for people......
with different abilities.

Only, that spot was just sequestered, it did not give a good view.

I couldn't believe I was even there....
Shiny shirt......

Dee, her name is Dee, and she was pretty put out
that I sat down
on my shelf
with a Lone Star in my fist
and lit a cigarette.

We got past that.
my smoking that is....

Introduced myself, and made apologies
for my tobacco habit.

I got Dee up on that fucking couch.

So she could see.

She'd come all the way from Houston for the show.....
Bought a ticket far in advance.

i just wandered into it.

Dee is 42.

We stood on the couch, me supporting her.........

Watched the silly boy
in the shiny shirt
sing his songs.

I just wandered in.
For free.

I love this Town.
I'm glad I'm getting out more.


Posted by: Gregory Parks (tokenpants)
Posted at: August 28th, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)

I was at that same show at Emo's in 1994. That's the place where I lost the bone talisman I used to wear around my neck in 1996. Broke my heart.

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